Also Ran80 is back,,,,,

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Hi my so dear friends. ,

That is if anyone remembers me. !! I have been proper pooly, but seem to have recovered my wits; 'Tis only my eyesight that is disappearing fast and of course i look more and more like an octopus every day which the psoriasis gnawing away at my skeleton. Apart from that I am very well thank you very much. I have missed you very much.

I have thought of you so oten. This is the first time that I have been able to get on line and I am mightily pleased about it.
Next month I shall turn 83 - on the 23rd of May that is. That means that if any of you think that old biddies like me should be done and dusted, well think again. but please do treat an old lady kindly.

I so often look at the lovely photo which gnoman took of Keith and I at the lst meet ever held which was in May 2001 - ten years ago and remember that marvellous day and meeting so many of you lovely people.

I believe that I have told you about the brain exercises that I was doing. they really reallly, do help.

Well I am now going to end.
with very much affection


Thursday 21st April 2011 7.20 BST - Is that correct Gnoman?

Thursdat 21st april. 2011 7. 11 BST

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