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Did you have trouble winking as a child? I used to have enormous difficulty. I would practice in front of the mirror. I couldn't do it without at least scrunching up my other eye significantly. Hopeless. How could I get street cred as an 8 year old without a wink? My father just did it at will. When he said something cheeky to my mother, or my brother, he would let me in on the joke with his sly wink. He would shoot me a subtle smile and flash me a wink in the - well, in the wink of an eye I suppose. I used to wonder how he became so accomplished. I thought there going to be a day when he took me aside and said "Look son, its time you knew how to wink. Pack a bag and tell your mother we'll be gone for a few days.". But it never came. There was no rite of passage, no Winking School for Boys, one day I could just wink. Still not sure when that day came. But now, I wink therefore I am.

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