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The french language is a strange and curious tongue. Although the vast majority of the ones practicing this ancient and mystic art ignore most of the laws and mechanics thereof, each french speaking community thinks his french is better. Wich is a problem in itself, because of the differences of mentality between France and the province of Quebec (Canada).

Not unlike the England and United States, the two populations believe they speak the correct french. The problem is, they were both right. Quebec kept an old french until the second half of the 20th century while France kept making the language evolve. The other french communities knew when to shut up and say that the french people were equally right, but the broken pride of Quebec and the arrogance of France took over.

Differences in french language today are only in the words that are taken from english dialog. In France, people talks about "week-ends" while the habitants of Quebec talk of having "fun".

But when it comes to the written form, no one is safe from the tangled laws of the inexplainable, the strange and grotesque complications that comes from nowhere. The language has more exceptions than rules themselves. It is one of the most complex european language, for each new word has a new way of annoying the unwary frenchman.

These kind of situations tend, however, to create a need, in the region of Quebec, of starting to stop caring about the spelling of the words themselves, creating a simpler language form. These are seen as corrupters of the language, creating a two-fold group within the small region of Quebec.

Generally, the french language tend to sound awkwards even to the most evolved minds when spoken utterly properly, wich is why the average man is easily dropped in a third category.

As a whole, the french language is a source of cultural developpment, political debate, a war of generations, a very good puzzle for lost hours and a curious habit

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