Air travel between Chicago and St. Louis

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Part of the appeal of travelling by air, one would assume, is that it's quicker than going by land. Otherwise, it simply isn't worth the pain and frustration of dealing with airline employees and grumpy fellow passengers. So if it takes five to six hours to drive from Chicago, IL to the St. Louis, MO area, and only an hour by plane (less with a nice tail wind), one would be tempted to take the plane.

This would be a mistake.

Even after adding on the "please be at the airport one hour before departure," you're only up to three hours.

Yet somehow, as nice as it all sounds, it took me more than six hours in each direction. A large chunk of time was occupied getting to and from the airport, but I also sat in a holding pattern over Chicago for longer than the actual flight.

Granted, it's not sitting on a plane for ten hours on a snowed-in runway, but for a quick weekend trip it's an eternity.

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