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Extended Find is a little-known feature of h2g2. It is quite possible that Researcher Gnomon, who wrote this Guide, is the only person who knows about it. It allows you to search for a list of all entries of a particular 'status', optionally edited by a particular editor.

Before going into the Extended Find screen, there are a few things to know about it.

  1. The list of results returned will have lots of links on it. Don't click on these links. They lead to some obscure corners of h2g2 which don't really work anymore. You can write down the A numbers or titles produced, or even cut and paste them into notepad, but the links themselves should not be used.
  2. If you want entries edited by a particular editor, put their U number without the U into the relevant field. Otherwise clear the field.
  3. The type (status) is by default set to No Status. You must select a status from the dropdown list before searching. The type of entry is very outdated, based on a system that stopped being used in about 2000. Some of these types correspond to the types being used today, as given in the table below.
  4. Do not select either of the "Any" options with the Editor field left blank, as this will attempt to select all of the approximately 1 million entries in the Guide, which will certainly crash your browser.
CodeStatusModern Equivalent
 AnyAll entries including deleted
 Any uncancelledAll entries except deleted
1Official Guide EntryEdited Entry
2User entry, privateNo modern equivalent
3User entry, publicUnedited entry
4Submitted articlePicked: awaiting sub-editor or with sub-editor
5Locked by EditorNo modern equivalent
6Awaiting approvalReturned from sub: awaiting final polishing
7CancelledEntry deleted in Ripley system
8User entry, staff-lockedNo modern equivalent
9Guide Key ArticleHelp Page
10Guide General PageRipley h2g2 Front Page
11Awaiting RejectionNo modern equivalent
12Unsure: Awaiting Editorial DecisionNo modern equivalent
13Waiting to go officialReturned from sub: ready to be published

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Extended Find

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