Coping With Romantic Rejection

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The worst thing about falling in love, or even just asking another human being out on a date, is of course the risk they will reject you.

Over the centuries humans have developed various techniques for coping with the risk of romantic rejection, they range from damn silly and completely ineffective to simply ineffective.

In the sphere of heterosexual relationships the male is arguably the expert on coping with with romantic rejection, at least as far as dating is concerned, due to the fact that women never actually ask men out (despite years of effort on the part of numerous women's magazines to change this sad state of affairs). This could be viewed as the ultimate method of avoiding rejection of course.

How Men Cope With Romantic Rejection:

. Only ask out women you find unattractive (or even repulsive).

I actually met a man once who used this technique, he was very depressed but at least he never had to cry himself to sleep after getting a knockback from the girl of his dreams. Last I heard he had committed suicide and I assume his situation has not changed.

. Ignore the possibility of romance and simply hit on every woman you meet.

It is important to be completely non-discriminatory and up-front if you intend to take this approach. Fat, thin, tall, short, single or married, plain, ugly or beautiful you must ask every woman you meet to have sex with you as soon as possible after meeting her. It's all about playing the percentages - if you ask enough women for sex eventually one will say yes and you are pretty well assured that nothing remotely romantic will occur; thus there is no risk of romantic rejection. This technique requires a very thick skin and can be quite dangerous. Few men can pull this off. Almost none can manage it sober.

. Ask out women you find attractive and when they reject you pretend you don't mind.

This is the technique most men end up adopting, it's not very effective and is most likely associated with the high rate of suicide amongst young men in Western societies today. It rarely fools any woman over the age of eighteen. It is best to avoid crying and asking to die until you are home alone if you adopt this approach.

. Never ask a woman out in front of other people.

This is usually combined with the previous approach to ensure that at least your humiliation is not witnessed by anyone else and there is a small chance she won't tell all her girlfriends as soon as she gets the chance. If she happens to say yes you can either tell your mates immediately or wait until you've slept with her (immediately is probably better as the odds she'll sleep with you any time soon are pretty poor).

. Ask out women you are attracted to and when they say no tell your mates you think they are ugly, a bitch, a lesbian or all three.

Sadly this technique is still fairly popular amongst certain groups of men though it is widely known to be completely ineffective. It has survived primarily because it at least spreads the pain around and may delay the weeping and begging to die stage for a while.

How Women Cope With Romantic Rejection:

. Stay at home with one or more girlfriends, crying, and eating chocolate, icecream, or chocolate icecream. Every fault, real and imagined, of the rejecting male is discussed at length during these sessions.

Always a popular choice with the ladies this one, usually combined soon afterwards with the next technique to make a one-two punch. It is usually not very effective apparently.

. Go out on the town with a group of friends in a concerted attempt to prove she is unaffected by the rejection and keen to party till she drops. Consume several litres of alcohol, burst into tears frequently and sleep with the first man she comes across.

Some men get most of their sex from drunken girls with broken hearts out on the town like this. At least they don't have to worry about being rejected.

. Swear off men and become a nun.

Not as popular as in the past but still an option in extreme cases.

. Swear off men and become a lesbian.

I'm told this is becoming more popular and I did once know a lesbian that swore off women and took up men - though only black American men apparently.

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