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I'm Sure everyone else on site was as shocked to hear about the announcement regarding h2g2 made on Monday by the editors, and the conversations on our forums have certainly been buzzing with much talk on this. So, whilst Facebook, h2g2, the newly set up consortium group on google, and twitter reflects a lot of what has been said, here is just a few links to various news items on differnt websites, forums outside h2g2, as well as a selection of blogs, some by well-known researchers, and others written by non h2g2 members.

ON news sites, forums etc.,

BBC News - BBC to cut online budget by 25%Cool-O-Rama - BBC To Dispose of Douglas Adams Websitethe register - h2g2 - future after beeb abandonmentDouglas Adams' online encylopedia tries to buy itself back from the BBC - Boing boingSlashDotBBC Online: 360 staff to lose jobs | Media - seeks new owner for Douglas Adams-created H2G2 on-line community encyclopedia - TeleReadJob Losses in BBC NI Online Departments - The Irish Film and Television NetworkBBC Online facing massive cutbacks - Finance NewsBBC guts website, iPlayer to lose radio (Wired UK)BBC cuts 25% from online budget - Advanced websites to shut down following budget cuts - This Just Happened NEWSPAPERBBC Online to shed one-fifth of staff - ZDNet UKPanic!

Blogs about the closure/disposing of h2g2

time to save hitch hikers guide to The Galaxy - Blog by DDBel's blog The Long Slow Fall of the Axe: a lament for h2g2 - Blog by AwixRIP DNA’s H2G2, and why axing the BBC’s community websites is a huge mistake - Revert to Saved: A blog about design, gaming and technologyDoctorMo's Blog
- BBC to shutter H2G2
-Radio Netherlands Worldwide Another Blogh2g2 either close or buyout - Alan Cramer .. Secret Diary of a Fall GuySo the Beeb is disposing of H2G2... - StarShipSofa#saveH2G2 « Thinking about it…Unmemorable Musings - Not a Copywriting Blog - Andrew NattanH2G2 - Critical

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