I had an Idea the other day,

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should have wrote it down...<BR/>

Just remembered. Cooking pots. There may be tons of stuff already on this.

Thinking about how much they may have revolutionized our evolution or our diet/consumption.
Think about it; how would you make stew our soup without a metal pot? Are earthenware, ancient, capable
of such feats? Probably so. I don't know much about pottery.

hmmm,,,. Thinking repeated use would break them.

The idea was more about what goes in the pot rather than the utensil for the cooking.
It was more about when man discovered how to cook stews or soups.
I thinking it may have been a significant development in our evolution. Just brainstorming now. How did it affect our lives, nutrition, health? Good, Bad?

Initially man probably just threw some meat or veggies on the fire.
Then devised better ways to hold the meat over the fire. A pointed Stick? ;^)

Boiling water? Man must have seen boiling water in hot springs. Was curious and then burnt. Hmmmmm... Maybe saw molten lava fall into the sea? Maybe some sea creatures killed? Then ate already dead ceatures.

So when/how was first stew/soup made? By man, not nature.

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