The Acrostic Poetry Challenge: Flooding

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The Acrostic Poem has been a long-standing challenge, mainly between B'Elana and PedanticBarSteward. However, we've decided to open up the idea to anyone who would like to take part, as a regular poetry challenge.

The word chosen each time is the Telegram Game's current word, so if you join in or subscribe to the telegram game you'll know as soon as it's announced. When you've completed your poem, submit it by posting to a new thread below, and we'll put the best of them together in the next issue.

Have fun!


Dmitri Gheorgheni

Fluid, flowing, foul
Liquid, tumbling, growl
Of stalled engine, treed beast,
Of straining metal, water-feast,
Down it goes, civilisation,
In the sudden inundation.
No recourse when you hear that sound,
Go upward, flee towards high ground.

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Flooding in Australia, downpours in Rabat
Look out world what's coming and look out where we're at.
Oil sheikhs getting richer and the bankers billionaires,
Out there in the wilderness, the poor have nowt that cares,
Developed countries grab, and take just everything they can,
I sit and wonder whether I should really care a a damn,
No – not when my family has the square root of eff-all.
God's wonderful creation is about to to go to hell.

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Flushing, bubbling, rushing, gurgling,
Levels rising. Folks are burgling.
Oh ye weather gods, relent,
Overflowing rivers send
Down towards the oceans large.
Incidentally: send a barge
North or south – no matter where.
Gods be gracious, help us there.

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