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A singing kangaroo.

Encounter with Australian Wildlife

I wanted to see a big spider while in Australia. I mentioned in a previous mail that the Huntsman is a big beast and would love to see one.

As I pulled into my parking space in the underground car park and turned the engine off, my little neck hairs stood on end as a Huntsman spider made its way straight up the middle of my windscreen from where the wipers are partially hidden by the bonnet. I have quite big hands but this thing would have hung off either side of my palm if I had had the nerve to handle it.

I got my bags together and prepared myself to get out of the car. In my mind I had the plan that I would get out, step away, shut the door and then see what happened. I didn't want it leaping into the driver's seat while the door was opened so I moved a bit smartish. It did run across the roof of the car in my direction but travelled straight down the side. I had time to take a picture with my mobile phone to show non-believers.

A huntsman spider

I went into the office and spent the morning in meetings, and then, at lunch time, I told one of my colleagues who was coming to lunch with me that I had had a big spider on the car. When I parked in the shopping centre car park and we got out the spider came out again and walked up the door (luckily closed). "See! That's the one!" I casually announced while jumping up and down on the spot waving my arms.

We had lunch and I went back to the car while my colleague went to the bank. I had a look all around the car to see if the spider was near any door opening. Nothing! Phew.

I got in and started driving towards the exit. Then something caught the corner of my eye and I turned round to look out the driver’s door window. There, squarely in the middle of the glass, was the spider. Enormously big and enormously close to my face. Think! how will I get my ticket into the machine to get out of the car park? I'm not winding the window down with that great thing staring at me. Oh, yes! this is a free car park and I don't have to pay! THANK YOU! At which part the spider seemed to disappear and I went back to the office.

Back in my own parking space I carefully got out and looked all around the vehicle. It's gone. Thank goodness!

"Can you take this cheque to Dryden Avenue?"

"Yes, of course no problem!"

At Dryden Avenue I was met by one of the workers. "Cooee! Happy New Year!"

"Happy New year. Did Lena tell you about the spider I had on the car?"

"Yes she did!"

Right on cue O'Ryan (with reference to the constellation of similar sound) popped himself out from his hiding place and skittered across the windscreen and across the roof. He dutifully behaved while having his photo taken and reposed like a pro when gently prodded with a leaf to move to a more photogenic part of the car than underneath the windscreen wiper.

I have driven home and parked but I don't know whether my driving companion will be there in the morning. I am now in two minds as to whether I want him to be there!

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