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Have you missed the 'Have You Missed...?' section on the Front Page? This is a feature that allows us to take a look back at five Edited Guide Entries from h2g2's past. Initially, these were chosen by the in-house team, but now we're extending these selections to you, the Community.

This is how it works. If you think a particular previous Edited Guide Entry deserves a bit of repromotion, post at the bottom of this page (not the bottom of the entry). In the subject header, paste the name of the Entry you wish to nominate, then, in the body of the post, give us the following information:



Each nomination should be posted in a separate thread (you'll see why in a few lines' time) saying why you'd like to nominate the entry. If you see someone's nomination and would like to add your support to it, just reply to that post with a smiley. If you don't like the nomination, then don't post at all because at the end of each nomination period, we'll dive into the thread and simply count the number of Postings that thread contains. This way, if a nomination doesn't succeed first time round, it might eventually make its way to the top over some time - no need to start a new thread for the same nomination.

Previous Picks

Once that deadline arrives, we'll simply choose five of the most popular nominations and pop them onto the Front Page. Each nomination will then be moved to the bottom of the entry itself and a note placed on the 'Previously Picked Page'. This is where you should check to see if your nomination has already been picked before you nominate.

If your nominated entry has not been picked at the end of the week, you can renominate it the following week in the same thread - in other words, you can vote once a week, every week, for the same entry/entries until your entry is picked.

Note: We're relying on the integrity of the Community to make this work and ensure that the threads don't get disrupted by 'spam' or deliberately excessive multiple Postings from the same person to 'cheat' a nomination to the top. If the scheme does get disrupted by such dastardly deeds, we'll have no alternative but to bring this back in-house, so it's up to you to make this work.


  • Only entries from the Edited Guide will be considered for this feature.

  • As already stated, any Edited Entry that has already appeared on the Front Page as part of this feature (including those chosen in the beginning by the in-house team) will not be accepted at this time. If someone nominates one of these in error, we'll let them know and their nomination will be moved to the entry in question.

  • There are a very few Edited Entries which are probably not suitable for the Front Page (and common sense will tell you which ones these are). Again, if someone nominates one of these in error, we'll let them know and their nomination will be moved to the entry in question.

  • While there are no restrictions on nominating your own entries, it's possibly not 'good form' to do so. But we'll leave that call up to you.

  • With over 4000 other Edited Entries to choose from, there should be enough to go round. So with no further ado, it's time to get picking!

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