Right, I'm sick of this rubbish. Where now?

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Fireballs by DoctorMOSick of the insane ramblings1 here at h2g2? In that case, here are some other places you can go:

Want to go someplace other than the BBC? Try NOTBBC instead.

ZNet; contains thousands of articles by such people as Noam Chomsky, John Pilger and George Monbiot. It covers everything from Green issues to Human Rights. Well worth bookmarking.

Red Pepper describes itself as 'the independent magazine of the green and radical left.' In other words... smiley - okNew Internationalist covers similar ground.

Anxiety Culture has a serious message with a light tone. We live in a comfortable, stable world. We have machines that do most of our menial tasks for us. The western world is a rich, powerful, comforting place - so why are we feeling more depressed and anxious, and why are we earning less money in meaningless jobs? Read Ormondroyd's review here.

Don't hate the media - become the media! How? If you live in the UK, there's Indymedia UK, and if you're elsewhere, you can find your local Independent Media Centre here.

Although it's my ambition to become a journalist, there aren't many inspirational figures out there. There are some, sparkling like gems amongst the manure of shabby hacks. For instance, there's John Pilger, George Monbiot, and Naomi Klein. Also worthy of special mention are Michael Moore and Mark Thomas

Help make the world a better place! Here to help you are OneWorld, Friends of The Earth and Ethical Consumer. Find out about the Ilisu Dam and McSpotlight campaigns. Think it's impossible to help make the world better? In that case check out What the World Wants.

Civil Liberties, eh? Do you have them? Want to keep them? Check out Statewatch - they monitor civil liberties in the EU.

Need some light relief after all that? Here's a picture of a cute bunny rabbit.

Mr Nash can take personal blame for my use of 'hurrah!', 'huzzah', or indeed, 'cripes!'. Catch up with the rascal's further adventures at The Weekly. It Maintains Britain's Standards, dontcha know.

Mangle language even more than I do at Lost in Translation.

1And incisive comment, of course.

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