Delaware, USA

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America's second-smallest state was also the first to ratify the US Constitution.

Delaware is somewhat famous for being part of a joke about the American states:

Q: What did Delaware?

A: Her New Jersey.

Delaware has a surprising amount of history squeezed into such a small area.

Blue Hen State Information

  • Area: 1954 square miles

  • Population: 783,600 (2000 census)

  • Border states: Pennsylvania and New Jersey to the north, Marlyand to the south and west

  • Highest point: 448 feet above sea level in New Castle County

  • Largest cities: Wilmington, Dover, Newark.

For the Pointedly Mundane

In case this entry doesn't include enough trivial information, here's a bit more...

  • The Blue Hen chicken is the official state bird.
  • The Ladybug is the official state insect.
  • The Peach Blossom is the official state flower.
  • The American Holly is the official state tree.
  • The Sea Trout is the official state fish.
  • The official state beverage is milk.
  • The official state mineral is Sillimanite.

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