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This guide entry is for the rearchers of h2g2 to tell the rest of us their "Top 10 CD's" plus their favourite track from that album.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this guide entry, however I have closed polling as I think it's time to start thinking of what to use this wonderful information for. Of anyone is desperate to be included in this I'm sure I can find a way into accommodating your list.

So as polling has closed this doesn't mean I've through needing your help...now what I need is for researchers to come and tell me what's great about h2g2's top 10 bands (See table below), tell me why you like them, what they've inspired you to do, even stray pieces of information about the bands. Anything!

Thank You,


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What is it about h2g2's Top Ten bands that got them there? Why do you like them? Why are the great?

H2G2 Top 10 Bands (so farsmiley - winkeye)

1.The BeatlesAbbey RoadCome Together/The End Cycle36
2.RadioheadOK Computer/The BendsParanoid Android/Street Spirit (Fade Out)25
3.QueenNight at the Opera/The Greatest HitsBohemian Rhapsody23
5.Pink FloydThe WallComfortably Numb19
6.The PixiesDoolittleHey17
7.NirvanaNevermindCome As You Are16
8.U2Joshua TreeWhere the streets have no name14
9.Oasis(What's The Story) Morning Glory?She's Electric13
10.Dire StraitsBrothers in ArmsMoney for Nothing11

(* and **: note these were the most frequently occurring within the number of votes cast for that particular band.)

Band Name: CD Name (Favourite Track)

Em - Keeper of the lost art of 10 minute mime acts, in the place of a two word explanation and PS of Lucky Charms

    1. Badly Drawn Boy: The Hour of Bewilderbeast (The Shining)
    2. Four Star Mary: Thrown To The Wolves (Dilate)
    3. Fiona Apple: Where The Pawn (I Know)
    4. Nirvana: Live In New York (All Apologies)
    5. The Strokes: Is This It? (Hard To Explain)
    6. Oasis: (What's The Story) Morning Glory? (She's Electric)
    7. The Beatles: 1967-1970 (Hey Jude)
    8. Alanis Morissette: Jagged Little Pill (You Learn)
    9. Incubus: Make Yourself (Drive (Acoustic))
    10. Greenday: International Superhits! (Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life))

Rocket Man

    1. Radiohead: Kid A (Idiotique/Morning bell/Motion picture soundtrack. I cannot choose (fickle))
    2. Anti-flag: Die for the government (You've got to die for the government)
    3. Descendents: Everything sucks (Sick-o-me)
    4. Ramones: Ramones (Havana Affair')
    5. Dead Kennedys: Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables (California uber alles/Kill the poor/Holiday in Cambodia)
    6. The Eels: 'Electro-shock blues' (Cancer for the cure)
    7. The Clash: London Calling (London Calling/Guns of Brixton/Jimmy Jazz)
    8. Minor Threat: Complete discography (Minor Threat/Straight Edge)
    9. Ben Folds Five: 'Ben Folds Five' (Julianne/Where's SummerB?/Sports and wine)
    10. The Beatles: 'Revolver' (And your bird can sing/I'm only sleeping)

Archangel Tweetie

    1. Fiona Apple: When The Pawn (Love Ridden)
    2. Ash: Free All Angels (Shining Light/ World Domination)
    3. Queens Of The Stone Age: R-Rated (Monsters In The Parasol)
    4. The Strokes: Is This It (Hard To Explain)
    5. Nirvana: Nevermind (Come As You Are)
    6. Blur: The Best Of (She's So High)
    7. Bif Naked: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Soundtrack (Lucky)
    8. The Beatles: Abbey Road (Come Together)
    9. Elton John: Almost Famous Soundtrack (Tiny Dancer)
    10. Green Day: Dookie (Basketcase)

T.B. Falsename, Sir TB of Cunninglinguist aka stercusstercusstercusmoritussum. (1*7+0*1)(8-2)

    1. Dandy Warhols: 13 Tales of Urban Bohemia (Nietzsche)
    2. Pixies: At the BBC (all of them I cant pick just 1)
    3. Dandy Warhols: Come Down (I Love You)
    4. Pixies: Doolittle (Hey)
    5. Dandy Warhols: Rule OK (Nothing (lifestyle of a tortured artist for sale))
    6. Weezer: Pinkerton (El Scorchio)
    7. Duran Duran: The Essential Colection (Fame)
    8. Rasputina: How We Quit The Forest (Her Girls of Birkenau)
    9. Rasputina: Thanks for the Ether (Transylvanian Concubine)
    10. Alanis Morrisette: Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie (Can't Not)

Uncle Heavy

    1. Daft Punk: Homework (Da Funk)
    2. DJ Shadow: Entroducing (Building Steam With A Grain of Salt)
    3. orbital: In Sides (The Box)
    4. Belle and Sebastian: fold your hands child, you walk like a peasant (I Fought in a War)
    [damn this is hard]
    5. Air: Moon Safari - (Kelly Watch The Stars)
    6. Suede: Coming up (Filmstar)
    7. Eels: Daisies of the Galaxy (I Like Birds)
    8. The Beta Band - Hot Shots II (some track or other whose name I forget)
    9. The Cooper Temple Clause - See This Through and Leave (Been Training Dogs)

Pan, the piper at the gates of dawn

    1. Frank Zappa: Them Or Us (Ya Hozna)
    2. Sunny Day Real Estate: Diary (The Blankets Were the Stairs or Song About an Angel)
    3. Utopia: Ra (Hiroshima)
    4. Strapping Young Lad: City (All Hail the New Flesh)
    5. Louis Armstrong: What a Wonderful World (What a Wonderful World)
    6. Miles Davis: Sketches of Spain (Solea)
    7. Roy Harper: The Green Man (Solar Wind Sculptures)
    8. The Grateful Dead: Terrapin Station (Terrapin Station)
    9. Bjork: Homogenic (All is Full of Love - "I could put that on repeat and bask in the glow all day long")
    10. Fish: Sushi (cover of Pink Floyd's Fearless)


    1. The Stooges: Funhouse(Tv Eye, Loose, Dirt)
    2. Monster Magnet: God Says No (Melt, Heads Explode, Silver Future)
    3. David Bowie: Diamond Dogs (Sweet Thing, Rock'n'Roll with me, We are the dead)
    4. The Damned: Damned,Damned,Damned (New Rose, Fan Club, Neat,Neat,Neat)
    5. Sex Pistols: Nevermind The Bo**ocks (Holidays in the Sun, Submission, Bodies)
    6. The Cramps: Pyschedelic Jungle (Crusher, Under the Wire, Goo Goo Muck)
    7. Butthole Surfers: Independant Worm Saloon (Alcohol, Clean it up, Tongue)
    8. Lou Reed: Rock'n'Roll Animal (Heroin, Rock'n'Roll, Lady Day)
    9. Jimi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland (Voodoo Chile, Moon...turn the tides, House Burning Down, All along the Watchtower)
    10. Primal Scream: Exterminator (Accelerator, Swastika eyes, If they move Kill 'em)


    1. Yes: Yesstory (Wonderous Stories)
    "almost everything by Yes"
    2. Led Zeppelin: Houses of the Holy (The Rain Song)
    "absolutely everything by LZ"
    3. Beethoven: Pastoral (On Arriving in the Country)
    4. Joni Mitchell: Ladies of the Canyon (Morning Morgantown)
    5. Fairport Convention: Expletive Delighted (Portmeirion)
    6. Elgar: Enigma Variations (Nimrod)
    7. The Beatles: The White Album (Long, Long Long)
    8. CSNY: Best of (Guinevere)
    9. Stackridge: Friendliness (There Is No Refuge)
    10. Sandy Denny: Who Knows Where the Time Goes (Who Knows Where the Time Goes )

Sergeant 'Indiana' Mushroom and GA cat Cleo- wearing the Daddypants

    1. Catatonia: Way Beyond Blue (Lost Cat)
    2. Garbage: Garbage- (Not My Idea)
    3. Supergrass: In It For The Money (Sun Hits The Sky)
    4. The Strokes: Is This It? (Hard To Explain)
    5. Rolling Stones: Hot Rocks (Street Fighting Man)
    6. Muse: Origin of Symmetry (Newborn)
    "think...not easy, this"
    7. Gomez: Liquid Skin (California)
    8. Pink Floyd: The Wall (Comfortably Numb)
    9. Green Day: Nimrod (King For A Day)
    10. The Beatles: Revolver (Eleanor Rigby)


    1. His Infernal Majesty:Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights(Beautiful)
    2. Alice Cooper: Rock Anthems[Various Bands](Poison)
    3. Blink 182: Enema Of The State (Adams Song)
    4. Staind: Break The Cycle (Eiphany)
    5. His Infernal Majesty: Razorblade Romance (Join Me in Death)
    6. Slipknot: Slipknot (Spit it Out)
    7. Def Leppard: Vault (Photograph)
    8. American Head Charge: The War Of Art (Just so you know)
    9. System Of A Down: Toxicity(Bounce)
    10. Blink182: The Mark,Tom + Travis Show (Dumpweed)

Kate Schechter (T-3 days and counting... Look Ma! I'm in the Post! Thanks AGGGAG)

    1. Pink Floyd: In the interest of making this worthwhile ("I'm going to have to say ALL Pink Floyd albums. Having to choose a favorite, I'd prolly go with Final Cut. Excellent stuff But favorite overall song? High Hopes from the Division Bell")
    2. Steely Dan: Decade of Dan (Hey Nineteen)
    3. Meatloaf: Bat Outta Hell (Paradise by the Dashboard Lights)
    4. Alan Parsons Project: Best Of(Games People Play)
    5. Yes: The Best of Yes (Long Distance Runaround)
    6. Billy Joel: Storm Front (Leningrad)
    7. Cat Stevens - Greatest Hits (Moonshadow)
    8. Roger Waters: Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking ("No favorite, they all belong together")
    9. Josh Groban: Josh Groban (To Where You Are)
    10. John Mayer: Room for Squares (Back to You)


    1. Jeff Buckley: Grace (Hallelujia)
    2. Pink Floy: The Final Cut (Final Scene)
    3. Leonard Cohen: Songs of Love and Hate (Little Blue Rain Coat)
    4. Jim White: Wrong Eyed Jesus (Chasing Tornados)
    5. Soul Coughing: Ruby Vroom (Sugar Free Jazz)
    6. Morphine: Cure For Pain (Buena)
    7. Tool: Aenima (Learn to Swim)
    8. Weezer: Weezer (The world has turned)
    9. Fugazi: Steady diet of nothing (anything off it is phenominal)
    10. The Beatles: Hey Jude (Hey Jude)


    1. In Rock: Deep Purple (Hard Lovin' Man)
    2. Physical Graffiti: Led Zeppelin (Ten Years Gone)
    3. Ritmo: Judie Tzuke (How Do I Feel)
    4. Pump: Aerosmith (The Other Side)
    5. Teaser: Tommy Bolin (Wild Dogs)
    6. Nuthin' Fancy: Lynyrd Skynyrd (On the Hunt)
    7. Rainbow Rising: Rainbow (Light in the Black)
    8. Sheryl Crow: Sheryl Crow (Maybe Angels)
    9. Road Noise Official Bootleg: Judie Tzuke (For You)
    10. British Steel: Judas Priest (Grinder)

The Thinker 1121

    1. Goldfrapp: Felt Mountain (Pilots)
    2. Incubus: Morning View (Are You In?)
    3. Sheryl Crow: The Globe Sessions (Riverwide)
    4. Faithless: Outrospective (Evergreen)
    5. Alanis Morissette: Jagged Little Pill (Forgiven)
    6. Björk: Homogenic (Jòga)
    7. Portishead: Dummy (Roads)
    8. Coldplay: Parachutes (Trouble)
    9. Nirvana: Unplugged in New York (Plateau)
    10. Radiohead: OK Computer (Paranoid Android)


    1. The Undertones: Undertones 1979 (Teenage Kicks)
    2. Bob Marley: Live! 1975 (No Woman No Cry)
    3. Carly Simon: No Secrets 1972 (You're So Vain)
    4. Culture: Two Sevens Clash 1978 (Two Sevens Clash)
    5. Elvis Costello: Armed Forces 1993 (Alison)
    6. Motels: Motels 1979 (Total Control)
    7. Roberta Flack: First Take 1969 (The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face)
    8. Specials: singles 1991 (Ghost Town)
    9. Thin_Lizzy: Live and Dangerous 1978 (The Boys Are Back In Town)
    10. AC/DC: If you want blood 1978 (If You Want Blood)


    1. Asian Dub Foundation: Community Music (Truth Hides)
    2. Fun Lovin' Criminals: 100% Columbian (Southside/The View Belongs To Everyone)
    3. Levellers: Levelling The Land (The Riverflow)
    4. Senser: Stacked Up (No Comply)
    5. Pink Floyd: Delicate Sound of Thunder (Learning To Fly)
    6. The Hamsters: Hamster Jam (Romeo's Escape)
    7. Joan Osborne: Relish (Crazy Baby)
    8. Spearhead: Home (Of Course You Can)
    9. Rage Against The Machine: Rage Against The Machine (Bullet In The Head)
    10. Spin Doctors: Pocket Full Of Kryptonite (Shinbone Alley)

Akaron Etruit

    1. Buffy: the Vampire Slayer - TV Soundtrack (Virgin State of Mind by K's Choice)
    2. Crucify - Tori Amos (Smells Like Teen Spirit)
    3. MTV Unplugged - Nirvana (All Apologies)
    4. Purple - Stone Temple Pilots (Interstate Love Song)
    5. Strange Little Girls - Tori Amos (Bonnie and Clyde '97)
    6. Medusa - Annie Lenox (Whiter Shade of Pale)
    7. Toxicity - System of a Down (Chop Suey)
    8. Actual Miles - Don Henley (Garden of Allah)
    9. Greatest Hits vol. I - Billy Joel (Piano Man)
    10. Celebrity Skin - Hole (Awful)

It's all too much..........

    1. Pulp: Different Class (Underwear)
    2. The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds (God Only Knows)
    3. Carol King: Tapestry (You got a Friend)
    4. Oasis: Definately Maybe (Married with Children)
    5. The Kinks: Lola (Lola)
    6. Astrid: Play Dead (Modes of Transport)
    7. The BeeGees/Various: Saturday Night Fever (How Deep is your Love)
    8. The Byrds: Super Hits! (Turn! Turn! Turn!)
    9. Electric Soft Parade: Holes in the Wall (Silent to the Dark)
    10. Michael Jackson: Thriller (Thriller)


    1. Aphex Twin : Selected Ambient Works (85-92)(Heliosphan)
    2. DJ Shadow: Endtroducing(Midnight In A Perfect World)
    3. Lo-Fidelity Allstars: How To Operate With A Blown Mind(I Used To Fall In Love)
    4. The Beatles : The Beatles(white album) (Happiness Is A Warm Gun)
    5. Nightmares on Wax: Carbootsoul (Les Nuits)
    6. Tool: Aenima (Aenema)
    7. Beastie Boys: Pauls Boutique (The Sounds of Science)
    8. David Holmes: This Films Crap Let's Slash The Seats (No Man's Land)
    9. Radiohead: OK Computer (Lucky)
    10. Clint Mansell and The Kronos Quartet: Requiem for a Dream O.S.T (Overture)


    1. Queen: Greatest Hits 1 (Bohemian Rhapsody)
    "sorry to be so unoriginal"
    2. Emerson Lake and Palmer: Works (Fanfare for the Common Man)
    3. R. Strauss: (ALBUM?) (Also Sprach Zarathustra)
    4. U2: Joshua Tree (Where the streets have no name)
    5. REM: Automatic for the People (Everybody Hurts)
    6. Metallica: Ride the Lightning (For Whom the Bell Tolls)
    7. The Beatles: White Album (Back in the USSR)
    8. Meatloaf: Bat out of Hell (Bat out of Hell)
    9. Holst: The Planets (Mars)
    10. Travis: The Invisible Band (Sing)


    1. Slipknot: Slipknot (Liberate)
    2. Slipknot: Iowa (My Plague)
    3. Rammstein: Mutter (Mien Heiz Brant)
    4. Nivana: Gold (The Man Who Sold The World)
    5. Mushoomhead: XX (Bwomp)
    6. Nirvana: Bleach (Big Cheese)
    7. Iron Maiden: Best of the beast (Can I Play With Madness)
    8. Black Sabbath: Reunion disk (Ironman)
    9. Rammstein: Live in Berlin (Bend over)
    10. Nirvana: Nevermind (Come As You Are)

Super Shiny Sarah, Shiniest of all the Shiny-People (and modest, too)

    1. The Beatles: The White Album (Sexy Sadie)
    2. The Beatles: Revolver (Good Day Sunshine)
    3. The Beatles: Abbey Road (Something)
    4. Robbie Williams: I've Been Expecting You (Phoenix from the Flames)
    5. Robbie Williams: Sing When You're Winning (Kids)
    6. Green Day: Nimrod (Redundant)
    7. Red Hot Chili Peppers: Californication (Scar Tissue)
    8. Semisonic: Feeling Strangely Fine (Gone To The Movies)
    9. The Beautiful South: Welcome To (Woman in the Wall)
    10. The Offspring: Americana (The Kids Aren't Alright)

Polidari Wormwood

    1. Radiohead: The Bends (Street Spirit)
    2. The Beatles: Sgt Peppers (A Day In The Life
    3. Peter Gabriel: So (Red Rain) "though it could have been any"
    4. Coldplay: Parachutes (Trouble)
    5. Texas: White On Blond (Halo)
    6. Simon and Garfunkel: Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Bridge Over Troubled Waters)
    7. Rocky Horror Picture Show: Soundtrack Album (Sweet Transvestite)
    8. Crash Test Dummies: And God Shuffled His Feet (Afternoons and Coffeespoons)
    9. Tom Waits: Swordfishtrombones (In The Neighbourhood)
    10. REM: Automatic for the People (Nightswimming)

Shifgrethor, the inscrutable force of the South West

    1. REM: New Adventures In Hi-Fi (Be Mine)
    2. Ed Harcourt: Here Be Monsters (Beneath The Heart Of Darkness)
    3. REM: Automatic For The People (Find The River)
    4. Pavlov's Dog: Pampered Menial (Of Once And Future Kings)
    5. Turin Brakes: The Optimist LP (Underdog (Save Me))
    6. Super Furry Animals: Rings Around The World (Run! Christian, Run!)
    7. Crash Test Dummies: God Shuffled His Feet (God Shuffled His Feet)
    8. The Who: Who's Next (Won't Get Fooled Again)
    9. The Apples In Stereo: The Discovery Of A World Inside The Moone (Stay Gold)
    10. Guns 'N' Roses: Appetite For Destruction (Paradise City)


    1. Carole King: Tapestry (I Feel The Earth Move)
    2. Jewel: Pieces of You (Adrian)
    3. Traveling Wiblurys: Volume One (Tweeter and The Monkey Man)
    4. Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Californication (Around The World)
    5. MeatLoaf: Bat out of Hell (For Crying Out Loud)
    6. The Beautiful South: Blue Is The Colour (Have Fun)
    7. Johnny Cash: American III - Solitary Man (The Mercy seat)
    8. Pandora's Box: Original Sin (The Future Ain't What It Used To Be)
    9. Fool's garden: Dish of The Day (Lemon Tree, Pieces or Wild Days)
    10. Dire Straits: Brothers In Arms (Why Worry)
    [Alternative] 10. Fool's Garden: Once In A Blue Moon (Cry Baby cry)

Big Mad Mr T (sXe)

    1. Gang of Four: Entertainment! (Natural's Not In It)
    2. The Presidents of the United States of America: II (Lunatic to Love)
    3. Fugazi: Repeater (Blueprint)
    4. Minor Threat: Complete Discography (In My Eyes)
    5. Rage Against the Machine: Rage Against the Machine (Bullet In The Head)
    6. Godspeed You Black Emperor!: Lift Yr. Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven (Storm)
    7. Weezer: Pinkterton (El Scorchio)
    8. Foo Fighters: Foo Fighters (I'll Stick Around)
    9. Radiohead: Kid A (Everything In Its Right Place)
    10. The Pixies: Surfa Rosa (Bone Machine)

three rockets and a backpack to happiness

    1. Moby: Play (Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad)
    2. The Strokes: Is this it? (Is this it)
    3. Radiohead: The Bends (Fake palstic Trees)
    4. Fun Lovin' Criminals: Come Find Yourself (Scooby Snacks)
    5. The Rock Of Travolta: My Band's Better Than Yours (Giant Robo)
    6. Rage Against the Machine: Rage Against The Machine (Know Your Enemy)
    7. Nirvana: Nevermind (Come As You Are)
    8. Placebo: Without You I'm nothing (You Don't Care About Us)
    9. The Verve: Urban Hymns (Lucky Man)
    10. Less than Jake: Losing Streak (Sugar in Your Gas Tank)

Crazy Man

    1. Groove Armada: Vertigo (If everybody looked the same)
    2. Roger Sanchez: First Contact (You can't change me)
    3. Rob Dougan (Various Artists): Sunset Ibiza (Clubbed To Death)
    4. Coldplay - Parachutes (Trouble)
    5. Jamiroquai: Travelling Without Moving (Alright)
    6. Enigma: Love Sensuality Devotion (Sadeness Part 1)
    7. Oasis: What's the Story Morning Glory (Don't Look Back in Anger)


    1. The Beatles: Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts' Club Band (A Day in the Life)
    2. Radiohead: OK Computer (yeah, right, like I can choose just one)
    3. The Beatles: Abbey Road (side 2)
    4. Pixies: Doolittle (Dead)
    5. Smashing Pumpkins: Siamese Dream (Cherub Rock)
    6. Weezer: Pinkerton (Falling for You)
    7. Radiohead: Kid A (Morning Bell)
    8. The Beatles: Revolver (And Your Bird Can Sing)
    9. Pixies: Surfer Rosa (I'm Amazed)
    10. Radiohead: The Bends (Just)


    1. The Jesus and Mary Chain: Darklands (April Skies)
    2. The Damned: Machine Gun Etiquette (I Just Can't Be Happy Today)
    3. Joy Division: Unknown Pleasures (She's Lost Control)
    4. Pixies: Surfer Rosa (Where is My Mind?)
    5. Stone Roses: The Stone Roses (I Wanna Be Adored)
    6. New Order: Power, Corruption, and Lies (Your Silent Face)
    7. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: B.R.M.C. (As Sure As the Sun)
    8. Big Black: Hammer Party (Racer X)
    9. Dead Kennedys: Plastic Surgery Disasters (Terminal Preppie)
    10. The Jesus and Mary Chain: Psychocandy (The Hardest Walk)

Sir Plastic Squirrel Defender of the Doilies/ Tewa back in his floopy (yet manly) dress/ sampling the universal noises

    1) The Residents: Meet The Residents (Reissue featuring the Santa Dog EP) for Fire, Smelly Tongues, Walk all over you and pretty much the whole thing.
    2) The White Noise: An Electric Storm (for Here Come the Fleas and Visitations)
    3) The Who: Live at Leeds (because it rocks all over)
    5) The Descendents: Somery (cos it's got all their best stuff on it, clean sheets, I wanna be a bear etc. etc.)
    6) Captain Beefheart: Trout Mask Replica (Ella Guru, Dali's Car and China pig)
    7) The Mahavishnu Orchestra: The Inner Mounting Flame (for Meetings of the Spirit)
    8) Rory Gallagher: Against the Grain (Let me in, great opener)
    9) Run DMC: Raising Hell (for My Adidas, It's tricky and Raising Hell itself)
    10. The Grateful Dead: Working Man's Dead (cos you got to chill sometimes, and you need Casey Jones and Uncle John's Band to do it to)

Bob Dehnhardt

    1. Yes: Fragile (Roundabout)
    2. William Shatner: The Transformed Man (Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds)
    3. Peter Schickele: String Quartet No 1 (String Quartet No. 1 "American Dreams")
    "Working on the most eclectic list thus far"
    4. The Guess Who: Greatest Hits (No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature)
    5. Gentle Giant: Octopus (Knots)
    6. Clannad: Macalla (Buachaill on Eirne)
    7. Morten Lauridsen: O Magnum Mysterium (Les Chansons de Roses: V. Dirait-on)
    "Entering the home stretch..."
    8. Nickle Creek: Nickle Creek (The Lighthouse's Tale)
    9. The Chieftains: An Irish Evening (Behind Blue Eyes)
    10. John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman: John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman (Lush Life)

Master B. Graduated, jobless and attempting h2g2 cold-turkey

    1. Deep Purple: Machine Head (Speed King)
    2. Bob Dylan: Bringing It All Back Home (Subterranean Homesick Blues)
    3. Fun Lovin' Criminals: 100% Colombian (10th Street)
    4. Sheryl Crow: Tuesday Night Music Club (No-One Said This Would Be Easy)
    5. Guns N' Roses: Appetite For Destruction (Paradise City)
    6. Led Zeppelin: III (Since I've Been Loving You)
    7. Meatloaf: Bat Out Of Hell II (Out Of The Frying Pan)
    8. Metallica: Metallica (Nothing Else Matters)
    9. Propellerheads: Decksndrumsnrocknroll (OHMSS)
    10. Paul Simon: Graceland (Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes)

Hilarious Joke

    1. U2: All That You Can't Leave Behind(Peace on Earth)
    2. Alanis Morrisette: Jagged Little Pill (Ironic)
    3. Les Miserables: Les Miserables (One Day More)
    4. Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Let's Face It(The Impression that I get)
    5. Matchbox 20: Yourself or Someone Like You (Girl Like That)
    6. Alanis Morrisette: Under Rug Swept (Hands Clean)
    7. Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Californication(Under the Bridge)
    8. Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory (In The End)
    9. Savage Garden: Savage Garden (A Thousand Words)
    10. Savage Garden: Affirmation(The Animal Song)


    1. KLF: Chill Out (there's only one track!!)
    2. Steely Dan: Countdown to Ecstasy (Boddhisatva)
    3. Massive Attack: Blue Lines (Unfinished Sympathy)
    4. Fun Lovin' Criminals: Come Find Yourself (Methadonia)
    5. Elton John: Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (Tell Me When the Whistle Blows)
    6. Adam and the Ants: Kings of the Wild Frontier (Dog Eat Dog)
    7. The Velvet Underground and Nico: ditto (All Tomorrow's Parties)
    8. The Doors: The Doors (Soul Kitchen)
    9. The Sex Pistols: Never Mind the B*ll*cks (Holidays in the Sun)
    10. The Beatles: Let it Be (Across the Universe)

Old Uncle Zarniwoop

    1. Trevor Rabin: Cant Look Away (Cant Look Away)
    2. U2: The Joshua Tree (Running Still)
    3. The Traveling Wilburys: The Traveling Wilburys Volume One (Handle With Care)
    4. Neil Young: After The Goldrush (Southern Man)
    5. Bruce Hornsby: The Way It Is (Mandolin Rain)
    6. Joe Satriani: The Extremist (Friends)
    7. Eric Johnson: Ah Via Musicom(Trademark)
    8. Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention: Ahead of Their Time (The Rejected Mexican Pope Leaves The Stage)
    9. Yes: Keys To Assension (Awaken)
    10. King Crimson: Discipline (Matte Kudasai)


    1. Led Zepplin: Four Symbols (Rock n Roll)
    2. Fleetwood Mac: Rumours (The Chain)
    3. David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust (Five Years)
    4. John Lee Hooker: The Healer (I'm in the Mood)
    5. Free: Free Live (The Hunter)
    6. Sensational Alex Harvey Band: Next (Faithhealer)
    7. U2: Joshua Tree (Where the Streets Have no Name)
    8. Queen: Night at the Opera (Bohemian Rhapsody)
    9. Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells
    10. Ian Dury and the Blockheads: New Boots and Panties (Sweet Gene Vincent)

Wotchit. Keeper of White Noise

    1. Pink Floyd: Echoes (Shine On You Crazy Diamond)
    2. The Beatles: One (The Long and Winding Road)
    3. Pablo Casals (cellist): Bach Cello Suites (Eb Major: Suite No.4)
    4. Bob Marley and the Wailers: Natty Dread (Natty Dread)
    5. Lindisfarne: Magic in the Air (We Can Swing Together)
    6. Incantation: canarios-Atahualpa (Atahualpa)
    7. The Kinks: Greatest Hits (Waterloo Sunset)
    8. George Harrison: All Things Will Pass (My Sweet Lord)
    9. Miles Davis: Kind of Blue (Blue in Green)
    10. John Lennon: Imagine (Imagine)
    11. Kate and Anne McGarrigle: Matapedia (Goin' Back to Harlan)


    1. Great Big Sea: Rant and Roar(Fast As I Can)
    2. Jann Arden: Living Under June (Good Mother)
    3. U2: Tomb Raider Soundtrack (Elevation)
    4. Enya: LOTR Soundtrack (May It Be)
    5. Loreena McKennitt: The Book of Secrets (The Highway Men)
    6. They Might Be Giants: Severe Tire Damage (Dr. Worm)
    7. Savage Garden: Affirmation (Affirmation)
    8. Harry Connick, Jr.: Come By Me (Cry Me a River)
    9. Delirious: Cutting Edge (Find Me in the River)
    10. Bryan Adams: So Far So Good (Summer of '69)


    1. Led Zeppelin: 4th Album (Stairway to Heaven)
    2. Deep Purple: Made in Japan (Highway Star)
    3. Mountain: Nantucket Sleighride (Nantucket Sleighride)
    4. Cream: Wheels of Fire (Crossroads)
    5. The Who: Who's Next? (Won't Get Fooled Again)
    6. Janis Joplin: Pearl (Cry Baby)
    7. Free: Fire and Water (All Right Now)
    8. Jimi Hendrix Experience: Electric Ladyland (All Along the Watchtower)
    9. Meat Loaf: Bat Out of Hell (Paradise by the Dashboard Light)
    10. Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited (Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues)

Purple Moose

    1. Less Than Jake: Losing Streak (Happyman)
    2. Less Than Jake: Borders and Boundaries(Gainsville Rock City)
    3. The Vandals: Look What I almost stepped in! (Flowers are pretty)
    4. Less Than Jake: Hello Rockview (All my best friends are metalheads)
    5. Semisonic: feeling strangely fine (Closing Time)
    6. The Dancehall Crashers: Honey, I'm Homely (Lost Again)
    7. The Ataris: ...anywhere but here (Boxcar)
    8. David Gray: White Ladder (Babylon)
    9. mi6: Lunchbox (lunchbox)
    10. Coldplay: Parachutes (Don't Panic)


    1. Radiohead: The Bends (High and Dry)
    2. David Holmes: Essential Mix (California Soul/Marlene Shaw)
    3. Eels: Electro-shock Blues (Climbing to the Moon)
    4. John Martyn: Solid Air (May You Never)
    5. Pulp: This is Hardcore (Help the Aged)
    6. Lowgold: Just Backward of Square (Back Here Again)
    7. Groove Armada: Vertigo (If Everybody looked the Same)
    8. Badly Drawn Boy: the House of the Belwiderbeast (Disillusion)
    9. Electric Soft Parade: Holes in the Wall (Red Balloons for me)
    10. The Beta Band: 3 EPs (Dry the Rain)

GSV Disaster Area aka Don't Talk About My Mother

    1. The Cure: Pornography (The Figurehead)
    2. Swans: Cop (Thug)
    3. Black Sabbath: Vol 4 (Supernaut)
    4. Radiohead: OK Computer (Paranoid Android)
    5. Leonard Cohen: Songs of... (Stories of the Streets)
    6. Butthole Surfers: Hairway to Steven (Jimi)
    7. Big Black: Songs About.. (Bad Penny)
    8. The Sisters of Mercy: Floodland (Dominion)
    9. Oxbow: An Evil Heat (S bar X)
    10. Kraftwerk: Man Machine (The Model)

(Archangel!!!) Dragonfly(Keyword: Muse)

    1. The Beatles: The White Album ("Honey Pie"... maybe... must I choose!??)
    2. Big Brother and Holding Company: Featuring Janis Joplin (Women is Losers, and Caterpillar)
    3. Joni Mitchell: Hits (Big Yellow Taxi, Help Me, Both Sides Now, and You Turn Me On I'm a Radio)
    4. Billy Holiday: Greatest Hits (Speak Low, and Comes Love)
    5. Meatloaf: Bat Out Of Hell (Paradise by the Dashboard Light)
    6. Queen: Greatest Hits (Another One Bites the Dust, and Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy)
    7. Carole King: Tapestry (I Feel the Earth Move, and You've Got a Friend)
    8. Fleetwood Mac: The Dance (Silver Spring)
    9. The Beatles: Rubber Soul (In My Life)
    10. The Doors: Morrison Hotel (Roadhouse Blues)

emo kid

    1. Ramones: Rocket To Russia (Blitzkreig Bop)
    3. Dead Kennedys: Give Me Convinience or Give me Death (Riot)
    4. The Specials: The Specials( Message to you Rudy)
    5. Operation Ivy: Energy (Sound System)
    6. Get Up Kids : On a Wire (Worst Idea)
    7. Beatles : Sgt Peppers (Sgt Peppers)
    8. The Sonics : Boom (Cinderella)
    9. Weezer : Pinkerton (El Scorcho)
    10. Sex Pistols: Never Mind The B******s(Anarchy in the UK)

Lateral Blinking

    1. Primal Scream: Screamadelica (Higher Than the Sun)
    2. Massive Attack: Blue Lines (Unfinished Sympathy)
    3. UNKLE: Psyence Fiction (Unreal)
    4. Pearl Jam: Ten (Jeremy)
    5. Leftfield: Leftism (Afro-Left)
    6. Groove Armada: Back to Mine compilation
    7. Rae and Christian: Another Late Night
    8. Suede: Suede (Animal Nitrate)
    9. BT: Movement in Still Life (Mercury and Solace)
    10. Cafe del Mar: Volume Seis (Madalay - Beautiful)
    11. Pixies: Doolittle (Debaser/Hey)


    1. Beatles: Revolver (For No-one)
    [Close runner-up The White Album - While my guitar gently weeps]
    2. Simon and Garfunkel: Old Friends [triple CD](if I must choose one, Song for the Asking)
    3. Pet Shop Boys: Discography (Left to my own devices)
    4. Leonard Cohen: Songs from a room (The Partisan)
    5. Tallis: Allegri Miserere (Allegri Miserere)
    6. Mahler: Symphony 5 (Adagietto - used in the film Death in Venice)
    7. Dido: No Angel (My Lover's gone)
    8. Rimsky Korsakov - Scheherezade and Borodin (Polotzvian dances - both are on one CD!)
    9. Elton John: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (All the girls love Alice)
    10. Chris Isaak: Wicked Game (Wicked game)


    1. Super Furry Animals: Radiator (Mountain People)
    2. Mogwai: Young Team (Mogwai Fear Satan)
    3. The Stone Roses: The Stone Roses (I Wanna Be Adored)
    4. Super Furry Animals: Mwng (Gwreiddiau Dwfn)
    5. Belle and Sebastian: Tigermilk (I Could Be Dreaming)
    6. Orbital: II (Lush 3-2)
    7. Primal Scream: XTRMNTR (Kill All Hippies, Accelerator)
    8. Super Furry Animals ("yes, again"): Guerilla (Northern Lites)
    9. Radiohead: The Bends (Street Spirit (Fade Out))
    10. Underworld: Second Toughest in the Infants (Juanita-Kiteless-To Dream Of Love)


    1. Jimi Hendrix: Axis: Bold as Love (Everything, but especially Little Wing)
    2. Pink Floyd: Meddle (One of These Days, Pillow of Winds, Seamus, Echoes)
    3. Country Joe and the Fish: I Feel Like I'm a Fixin' to Die (I Feel Like I'm a Fixin' to Die, Janis)
    4. Nirvana: Nevermind (Breed, Territorial Pissings, Something in the Way)
    5. The Ramones: It's Alive (Rockaway Beach, Blitzkreig Bop, He's Gonna Kill That Girl, California Sun, et al)
    6. The Pixies: Surfer Rosa (Something Against You, Cactus, Oh My Golly, Vamos, Brick is Red)
    7. The Mothers: Live at the Fillmore East (Do You Like My New Car?)
    8. The Sex Pistols: Never Mind The B******s (Bodies)
    9. Jefferson Airplane: Surrealistic Pillow (Today, Plastic Fantastic Lover)
    10. The Rolling Stones: Let it Bleed (Gimmie Shelter, Love in Vain, Country Honk, Monkey Man)


    1. Queen: Innuendo(Innuendo)
    2. John Lennon: Lennon Legend (Imagine)
    3. Dido: No Angel (Dear Isabel)
    4. Radiohead: Amnesiac (Pyramid Song)
    5. Blur: The best of...(Tender)
    6. Nickelback: Silver Side Up(How You Remind Me)
    7. The Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour (I am the Walrus)
    8. Oasis: Standing on the Shoulder of Giants (Gas Panic)
    9. Enya: Paint the Sky with Stars (Orinoco Flow)
    10.Gabrielle: Rise(Independence Day)


    1. Muse: Origin Of Symmetry (Micro Cuts)
    2. Muse: Hullabaloo (Yes Please)
    3. Muse: Showbiz (Muscle Museum)
    4. Coldplay: Parachutes (Yellow)
    5. Papa Roach: Love Hate Tragedy (M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)
    6. U2: Joshua Tree (With Or Without You)
    7. U2: All That You Cant Leave Behind (The Ground Beneath Her Feet)
    8. Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory (One Step Closer)
    9. Destinys Child: Survivor (Survivor)
    10. Destinys Child: The Writings On The Wall (Temptation)

Small Talk

    1. King Crimson: Red (Starless)
    2. Jethro Tull: Stormwatch (Home)
    3. Underworld: Dubnobasswithmyheadman (Cowgirl)
    4. Marillion: Season's End (Easter)
    5. Weather Report: Heavy Weather (Birdland)
    6. Faithless: Reverence (Don't Leave)
    7. Rush: Test For Echo (Dog Years)
    8. Genesis: Calling All Stations (Dividing Line)
    9. Soundgarden: Superunknown (Mailman)
    10. Fairport Convention: Jewel In The Crown (Slipjigs and Reels)


    1. Lostprophets: The Fake Sound Of Progress (Five is a four letter word)
    2. Red hot chili peppers: By the way (Throw away your television)
    3. Nirvana: nevermind (Smells like teen spirit)
    4. Ash: Free all angels (Shining Light)
    5. Muse: Origin Of Symmetry (New born)
    6. Steriophonics: Performance and coctails (Roll up and shine)
    7. Green Day: Dookie (longview)
    8. Elastica: the b*tch don't work
    9. Queens of the stone age: R-rated (quick)
    10. Coldplay: Parachutes (yellow/trouble)


    1. Guttermouth: Covered With Ants (She's Got the Look/Looking Good is All That Matters/ I'm Destroying the World)
    2. Less Than Jake: Losing Streak (9th and Pine)
    3. Sublime: Sublime (What I Got/Santeria/Garden Grove)
    4. The Vandals: Hitler Bad Vandals Good (Euro-Barge)
    5. Dead Kennedys: Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables (California uber alles/Holiday in Cambodia)
    6. Weezer: Pinkerton (El Scorcho/The Good Life)
    7. Weezer: The Blue Album (Buddy Holly/Surf Wax America/In the Garage)
    8. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Let's Face It (The Impression that I Get)
    9. Millencolin: Pennybridge Pioneers (No Cigar)
    10. Guttermouth: Musical Monkey (Lipstick/Lucky the Donkey/Do the Hustle)


    1. Simon and Garfunkel: Old Friends (collection) (Red Rubber Ball)
    2. Suzanne Vega: Tried and True (collection) (Caramel)
    3. Bob Dylan: Desire (Sara)
    4. Mike Oldfield: Voyager (All of them)
    5. Cat Stevens: Tea for the Tillerman (Hard Headed Woman)
    6. Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms (Money for Nothing)
    7. Dire Straits: Making Movies (Romeo and Juliet)
    8. Dire Straits: Communique (Belladonna)
    9. Paul Simon: I do it for your Love (I do it for your Love)
    10. Carole King: Tapestry (Where You Lead I Will Follow)


    1. Dire Straits: Love Over Gold (Industral Disease)
    2. Dire Straits: On Every Street (My Parties)
    3. Dire Straits: Brothers In Arms (Big Strong Man)
    4. Dire Straits: Dire Straits (Sultans of Swing)
    5. Nat "King" Cole (oh my god it isnt Dire Straits): Best Of (Straighten up and fly right)
    6. Suzan Vega: 99.9f (Fat Mand And Dancing Girl)
    7. Suzan Vega: 9 Objects Of Desire (Tombstone)
    8. Frank Sinatra : Romance (My Funny Valentine)
    9. Tom Petty : Wild Flowers (Crawling Back To You)
    10. U2: POP (Even Better Than The Real Thing)


    1. Blink-182: Enema of the State (Mutt)
    2. Offspring: Ixnay on the Hombre (Intermission)
    3. Offspring: Conspiracy of One (I want you bad)
    4. Green Day: International Superhits (Basket Case)
    5. Blink-182: Take off your Pants and Jacket (Shut Up)
    6. Marilyn Manson: Not Another Teen Movie Soundtrack [Various] (Tainted Love)
    7. Muse: Origin of Symmetry (Newborn)
    8. Blink-182: The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show (What's my age again?)
    9. Box Car Racer (I feel so)
    10. Nickleback: Silver Side Up (How you remind me)


    1. Joy Electric : Melody (Every Boy and Girl Falls in Love)
    2. Joy Electric : Robot Rock (Monosynth, Robot Beat)
    3. Killdares : Live (All...)
    4. Seven Nations : Rain and Thunder (Amazing Grace, Back Home in Dherry)
    5. Arrogant Worms : Live Bait (Malcom, Mounted Animal Nature Trail, Last Saskatchewan Pirate)
    6. Chemical Brothers : Surrender (Let Forever Be)
    7. The Smiths : Louder Than Bombs (Ask (So far, I just got this today, but I can already tell this is gonna be a favorite))
    8. Kraftwerk : Computer World (Pocket Calculator)
    9. Soviet : We Are Eyes, We Are Builders(All...)
    10. They Might Be Giants : NO! (NO!, In the Middle, Four of Two, Robot Parade, I am Not Your Broom)

Willie T

    1. 311: Music (Feels So Good)
    2. Incubus: Morning View (Aqueous Transmission)
    3. Red Hot Chili Peppers: By The Way (Throw Away Your Television)
    4. Miles Davis: Kind of Blue (So What)
    5. Victor Wooten: Show of Hands (Me and My Bass Guitar)
    6. Jaco Pastorius: Jaco Pastorius (Come On, Come Over)
    7. Eric Clapton: Unplugged (Old Love)
    8. Tower of Power: Soul Vaccination Live (What is Hip?)
    9. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones: Live Art (Sinister Minister)
    10. Herbie Hancock: Headhunters (Chameleon)

Miranda, the latin ice-skating mermaid

    1. Prefab Sprout:Jordan (The Comeback)
    2. Prefab Sprout: Steve McQueen
    3. The Who: Quadrophenia
    4. Prefab Sprout:Swoon
    5. Jellyfish: Spilt Milk
    6. Enigma:1990
    7. Blur: Parklife
    8. Thomas Dolby: The Golden Age of Wireless
    9. T.Rex: Electric Warrior
    10. Nirvana: Nevermind

Danny B.

    1. Big Country: Peace in Our Time (Thirteen Valleys)
    2. Queen: Innuendo (Ride the Wild Wind)
    3. Meatloaf: Bat out of Hell II (Good Girls Go To Heaven)
    4. ACDC: Razor's Edge (Razor's Edge)
    5. Del Amitri: Change Everything (Be My Downfall)
    6. Big Country: Driving to Damascus (Fragile Thing)
    7. Big Country: The Crossing (The Storm)
    8. Queen: Sheer Heart Attack (Tenement Funster)
    9. Billy Joel: Greatest Hits [I-III] (Innocent Man)
    10. Phil Jeays: October (Ed is At The Ritz)


    1. Terrorvision: Regular Urban Survivors (Celebrity Hitlist)
    2. The Wonderstuff: If Only The Beatles Had Read Hunter... The Singles Collection (Size Of A Cow)
    3. Elvis Costello: When I Was Cruel (Episode Of Blonde)
    4. Otis Lee Crenshaw and The Black Liars: London Not Tennessee (He Almost Looks Like You)
    5. Terrorvision: Shaving Peaches (Vegas)
    6. Jools Holland and His Rhythm and Blues Orchestra: Sunset Over London (Dangerman)
    7. The Beatles: 1 (I Wanna Hold Your Hand)
    8. The Wonderstuff: Eight Legged Groove Machine (It's Yer Money I'm After, Baby)
    9. Astrid: Strange Weather Lately (Boat Song)
    10. The Divine Comedy: A Secret History (The Popstar's Fear Of The Pollen Count)

Lenny (ACE, Muse, no house, no funding but still available in Cherry Sunburst)

    1. The Stranglers: The Raven (The Raven)
    2. Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti (Kashmir)
    3. Radiohead: OK Computer (Electioneering)
    4. Soundgarden: Superunknown (Fresh Tendrils)
    5. Black Sabbath: Volume 4 (Supernaught)
    6. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: BRMC (Salvation)
    7. Tool: Aenima (Aenima)
    8. Nine Inch Nails: The Fragile (We're In This Together)
    9. Happy Monday: Pills 'N' Thrills and Bellyaches (Kinky Afro)
    10. Stone Roses: Second Coming (Begging You)

Aurora (United Friend, currently lurking in the forums... somewhere... (1+4+2+0)*6+0=42)

    1. Radiohead: The Bends (Street Spirit/Fake Plastic Trees)
    2. The Divine Comedy: Promenade (Ten Seconds to Midnight)
    3. Muse: Origin of Symmetry (Bliss)
    4. Pulp: We Love Life (Wickerman)
    5. Elbow: Asleep in the Back (Newborn)
    6. Mercury Rev: Deserter's Songs (Goddess on a Hiway)
    7. Tom McRae: Tom McRae (End of the World News)
    8. Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells III (Top of the Morning)
    9. Radiohead: OK Computer (Let Down)
    10. Badly Drawn Boy: Hour of Bewilderbeast (Magic in the Air)

€ngländer [€ucalyptus] (Visit Hati and Engländer in their Summerhouse at A 797420)

    1. Joni Mitchell: Hejira (Hejira)
    2. Crosby Stills and Nash: Daylight again (Delta)
    3. Heinz Rudolf Kunze: Kunze macht Musik (Freier Fall)
    4. Pat Metheny: We live here (Here to stay)
    5. Yes: 90125 (Owner of a lonely heart)
    6. Jamiroquai: Syncronized (Black Capricorn Day)
    7. Miles Davis: Kind of blue (Flamenco Sketches)
    8. Ezio: Black Boots on Latin Feet (Saxon Street)
    9. Kate Bush: Never forever (Babooshka)
    10. Simply Red: Stars (Something got me started)


    1. Heather Nova: Siren (Ruby Red)
    2. Massive Attack: Blue Lines (Unfinished Sympathy)
    3. Nine Inch Nails: Pretty Hate Machine (Terrible Lie)
    4. Tool: Undertow (Sober)
    5. Tori Amos: Little Earthquakes (Precious Things)
    6. Radiohead: The Bends (High and Dry)
    7. Live: Throwing Copper (I Alone)
    8. Counting Crows: August and Everything After (Mr Jones)
    9. Samshing Pumpkins: Siamese Dream (Today)
    10. Pearl Jam: Ten (Evenflow)

Hyme Alatusantine

    1. Stone Roses: Stone Roses (I am the Resurrection)
    2. Radiohead: Amnesiac (Pyramid Song)
    3. Leftfield: Leftism (Space Shanty)
    4. The Hives: New Favourite... (I hate to say I told you so)
    5. Air: Moon Safari (All I need)
    6. Massive Attack: Mezzanine (Teardrop)
    7. Apollo 440: Gettin' high on your own supply (Heart go Boom)
    8. Primal Scream: Screamdelica (Loaded)
    9. Metalica: Ride the Lightning (Fade to black)
    10. Radiohead: The Bends (Fade out)


    1. Pavlov's Dog: Pamperd Manial (Theme From Subway Sue)
    2. Pavlov's Dog: At The Sound Of The Bell (Valkerie)
    3. Bob Dylan: Desire (Hurricane )
    4. Alice Cooper: Greatest Hits (Is It My Body)
    5. Cold Chisel :Cold Chisel (Khe Sanh)
    6. Cheech and Chong: Los Cochinos (Basketball Jones)
    7. The Rolling Stones: Tattoo You (Waiting On A Friend)
    8. The Rocky Horror Picture Show: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (The Time Warp)
    9. Graham Bonnet: Graham Bonnet (It's All Over Now Baby Blue)
    10.The Beatles: Abbey Road (Come Together )

the_league_against_helium (2+0!)*(0!+8+4+0!)=42

    1. Underworld: Dubnobasswithmyheadman(Cowgirl)
    2. Pixies: Doolittle (Hey)
    3. PJ Harvey: Rid Of Me (Rub 'Til It Bleeds)
    4. Idlewild: 100 Broken Windows (Idea Track)
    5. Jeff Buckley: Grace (Hallelujah)
    6. Boom Boom Satellites: Out Loud (On The Painted Desert)
    7. Morcheeba: Who Can You Trust? (Never An Easy Way)
    8. Throwing Muses: Throwing Muses (Hate My Way)
    9. Leftfield: Leftism (Song Of Life)
    10. Underworld: Second Toughest In The Infants (Juanita/Kiteless/To Dram Of Love)

Clapton Lad

    1. Cream: Wheels of Fire (Crossroads)
    2. Mike Oldfield: Voyager (Dark Island)
    3. Santana: Supernatural (Migra)
    4. Eric Clapton: From the Cradle (Standin around cryin)
    5. Bonnie Raitt: The Collection (Angel from Montgomery)
    6. John Lennon: Legend (Mother)
    7. Buddy Guy: Feels Like Rain (Feels Like Rain)
    8. Ray Charles: The Collection (I Can't Stop Loving You)
    9. Ali Farke Toure: Talking Timbuktu (Diaraby)
    10. Joe Satriani: The Extremist (Friends)


    1. Pet Shop Boys: Very (Can you forgive her?)
    2. Marc Almond: Mother fist (The river)
    3. Depeche Mode: Violator (Waiting for the night)
    4. R.E.M: Automatic for the people (Find the river)
    5. Pet Shop Boys: Behaviour (Nervously)
    6. Dubstar: Goodbye (Wearchest)
    7. Erasure: I say I say I say (Run to the sun)
    8. Sarah Cracknell: Lipslide (Coastal town)
    9. Alphaville: Breathtaking blue (Summer rain)
    10. Marc Almond: Enchanted (Madame de la luna)

Daniel909 Lackey

    1. Joy Division: Closer (The Eternal)
    2. The Beatles: Abbey Road (Because, Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Pam)
    3. 808 State: 90/Utd State 90 (Ancodia)
    4. The Who: Who's Next (Baba O'Riley, Bargain)
    5. The Cure: Pornography (One Hundred Years)
    6. Swans: White Light from the Mouth of Infinity (Power and Sacrifice, Love Will Save You)
    7. John Coltrane: A Love Supreme (A Love Supreme pt 2: Resolution)
    8. Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here (Welcome to the Machine)
    9. Radiohead: OK Computer (Paranoid Android, Climbing Up the Walls)
    10. My Scarlet Life: Infrared (Garden of Love)

Researcher 201004

    1. Faith no more: King for a Day, Fool For A Lifetime (Take This Bottle)
    2. NIN: Fragile (Fragile)
    3. Carl Orff: Carmina Burana (Call Tracks)
    4. Nirvana: In Utero (Heart-shaped Box)
    5. Type O-negative: Bloody Kisses (Christian Woman)
    6. Air: Moon Safari (All I Need)
    7. Goldie: Saturnz Return (Dragon Flight)
    8. The Prodigy: Music For A Jilted Generaton (Break and Enter)
    9. Beastie Boys: Check Your Head (Stand Together)
    10. Boy Hits Car: Boy Hits Car (As I Watch The Sun F**k The Ocean)


    1. Genesis: Seconds Out (Dance On A Volcano)
    2. Thin Lizzy: Live And Dangerous (Emerald)
    3. The Stranglers: Rattus Norvegicus (Hanging Around)
    4. Red Hot Chili Peppers: Californication (Parallel Universe)
    5. Queen: Sheer Heart Attack (Now I'm Here)
    6. Seal: Seal (Killer)
    7. Hoobastank: Hoobastank (Crawling In The Dark)
    8. Tom Robinson Band: Power In The Darkness (Too Good To Be True)
    9. Nickelback: Silver Side Up (Never Again)
    10. Pink Floyd: The Wall (Comfortably Numb)

Lost in Scotland

    1. Crash Test Dummies: The Ghosts that Haunt me ("I dunno about best song, there's a few good ones on there. Depending on the mood, I guess.")
    2. Blues Brothers: Sound Track to the Blues Brothers (Sweet Home Chicago)
    3. Staind: Supercharged [various] (It's Been a While)
    4. Genesis: We Can't Dance (Living Forever)
    5. Genesis: Invisible Touch (Throwing It All Away)
    6. Santana: Supernatural (Corazon Espinado)
    7. Phil Collins: But seriously... (Another Day in Paradise)
    8. Crash Test Dummies : God Shuffled His Feet (Two Knights and Maidens)


    1. Tool: AEnima (Forty Six and Two)
    2. Deftones: Adrenaline (7 Words)
    3. Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral
    4. Nine Inch Nails: Broken
    5. Tool: Lateralus (Lateralus)
    6. Deftones: White Pony (Change)
    7. Rage Against the Machine: The Battle of Los Angeles (Testify)
    8. Deftones: Around the Fur (Around the Fur)
    9. Rage Against the Machine: Evil Empire (The People of the Sun)
    10. Nine Inch Nails: Pretty Hate Machine

Timmy Fish

    1. Coldplay: Rush of blood to the Head (Politik)
    2. Ash: Free All Angels (Burn Baby Burn)
    3. Stereophonics: Just enough education to perform(Mr. Writer)
    4. Red Hot Chilli Peppers: By the Way (By the way)
    5. Travis: The invisible band (Side)
    6. Oasis: Heathen Chemistry (Force of nature)
    7. Gorrilaz: Gorrilaz (Clint Eastwood)
    8. Coldplay: Parachutes (Shiver)
    9. White Stripes: White Blood Cells (Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground)
    10. Oasis: Morning Glory (She's Eletric)


    1) The Wildhearts - P.H.U.Q.
    2) PWEI - The looks or the lifestyle
    3) Queen - Jazz
    4) The Jellys - Welcome to our world
    5) Prodigy - Music for the jilted generation
    6) Radiohead - The bends
    7) Madness - Madstock, Madness live
    8) Snuff - Demammademussabebonk
    9) Ash - 1977
    10) (this is not easy!)- Pink Floyd - Wish you were here

Oz Referee

    1. Rammstein: Mutter (Mein Hertz Brent)
    2. Pearl Jam: Vitalogy (Satan's Bed)
    3. Pink Floyd: Pulse (The Wall)
    4. Metallica: S and M (Nothing Else Matters)
    5. Chuck D: Biography of Mister Chuck (No)
    6. Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy: Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury (Language of Violence)
    7. Living Colour: Stain (Bi)
    8. U2: Rattle and Hum (Pride)
    9. Soundtrack: The Crow (Vioent Femmes -Colour me Once)
    10. Jimi Hendrix: The Ultimate Experience(Fire)

Dr E Vibenstein

    1. Kevin Rowland: My Beauty (The Greatest Love Of All)
    2. The Beatles: Abbey Road (Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End)
    3. Saint Etienne: Foxbase Alpha (Carnt Sleep)
    4. They Might Be Giants: John Henry (Snail Shell)
    5. Madness: Keep Moving (Samantha)
    6. Ben Folds Five: The Unauthorised Biography of Reinhold Messner (Mess)
    7. The Mothers of Invention: Freak Out! (Trouble Every Day)
    8. Mercury Rev: Deserter's Songs (Goddess On A Hiway)
    9. Pulp: His 'n' Hers (She's A Lady)
    10. Ben and Jason: Emoticons (Widow's Walk)

driftin67...drifter thru time and space, lover of life, seeker of wisdom, and friend and supporter of the honest and just...

    1. Louis Armstrong:What a wonderfull world(What a wonderfull world)
    2. Moody Blues: (any album/cd, any track)
    3. Every thing from the 60's and 70's
    4. Some things from the 80's
    5. A few from the 90's
    6. The 00's are on probation....

grateful doc

    1. The Beatles: For Sale (No Reply)
    2. Sting: Ten Summoner's Tales (Seven Days)
    3. The Grateful Dead: Dozin' at the Knick (Terrapin Station)
    4. The Who: Who's Next (Naked Eye)
    5. Coldplay: Parachutes (Sparks)
    6. The Police: Zenyatta Mondatta (Driven to Tears)
    7. Dave Matthews: Live at Luther College (Say Goodbye)
    8. Pearl Jam: Ten (Black)
    9. U2: The Unforgettable Fire (The Unforgettable Fire)
    10. Nirvana: Nevermind (Drain You)


    1. a1:The A list (same old brand new you)
    2. a1: Here we come (like a rose)
    3. a1: Make it good (caught in the middle)
    4. a1: Make it good (make it good)
    5. a1: Here we come (everytime)
    6. a1: The A list (the things we never did)
    7. a1: The A list (no more)
    8. a1: The A list (take on me)
    9. a1: Make it good (learn to fly)
    10. a1: Make it good (here comes the rain)

Mong, Ruler of the Spoon People

    1. Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon (Brain Damage)
    2. Faithless: Reverence (Insomnia)
    3. The Beatles: Revolver (Tomorrow Never Knows or Taxman)
    4. Oasis: (What's the Story) Morning Glory (She's Electric)
    5. Jimi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland (Voodoo Chile)
    6. The Beatles: Sgt Pepper's (A Day In The Life)
    7. The Doors: L.A. Woman (Love Her Madly)
    8. Faithless: Sunday 8pm (God is a DJ)
    9. Groove Armada: Vertigo (At The River)
    10. Pink Floyd: Meddle (Echoes)

Saturnine (ONLINE!!!!! What *have* you guys let yourself in for. Now looking for Unlimited access thingys)

    1. The Smashing Pumpkins: Adore (Pug)
    2. Marilyn Manson: Mechanical Animals (Posthuman)
    3. Tura Satana: Relief Through Release (Eternalux)
    4. Smashing Pumpkins: Aeroplane Flies High (God)
    5. Various: Lost Highway Soundtrack (A Perfect Drug)
    6. My Ruin: Speak and Destroy (Monster)
    7. Nirvana: In Utero (Rape me)
    8. Marilyn Manson: AntiChrist Superstar (Tourniquet)
    9. Nine Inch Nails: Broken EP (Wish)
    10. Nine Inch Nails: Downward Spiral (I do not want this)


    1. Oasis: Definately Maybe(Rock 'n Roll Star)
    2. Frank Capola : Apocalypse Now(The End)
    3. Oasis: Morning glory(Some might say)
    4. Coolio: Now 34(gansta's paridise)
    5. Aerosmith: (Walk this way)
    6. Oasis: Masterplan (Underneath the sky)
    7. Toploader: Onka's big moka(Achilles Heel)
    8. Oasis: Heathen Chemistry (Better Man)
    9. Oasis: Be Here Now(Fade in/out)
    10. U2: Joshua Tree (Still haven't found what i'm looking for)

Jeff Mutton

    1. Bluetones: Expecting to Fly (Time and again)
    2. Lenny Kravitz: Are you gonna go my way? (Heaven Help/Eleutheria)
    3. Stone Roses: Second Coming (Beggin' you)
    4. Zero 7: can't remember (all of them)
    5. Turin Brakes: The Optimist LP (State of things)
    6. Prince Paul/Automator: Musical Curriculum (The Truth feat. Roisin Murphy)
    7. Red Hot Chili Peppers: By the way (Zephyr Song)
    8. Beatles: can't decide (prob In My Life)
    9. Shed 7 : Going for Gold (Disco Down)
    10. Various : Brasilian Beats (Summertime - Rosinha de Valencia)

Hamish the Dingo (THE BEAST HATH

    1. Bad Religion: The Process Of Belief (Epiphany)
    2. Bigwig: Unmerry Melodies (Carnivore)
    3. Various: Don't Be Scared (Glasseater - 7 years bad luck)
    4. Various: Punk-o-rama 7 (Death By Sterio - Wasted Words)
    5. A: Hi-Fi Serious (WDYCAI)
    6. Various: AF records sampler (Anti-Flag - 911 for Peace)
    7. Less Than Jake: Hello Rockveiw (Help Save The Youth Of America From Exploding)
    8. Various: Fat Music For Fat People (Lagwagon - Mr. Coffee)
    9. Feeder - Echo Park (Satellite News)
    10. Blink 182 - Enema of the State

Purple Moose - RIP Dolly the Sheep :(

    1. Audio Karate: Space Camp (Halfway Decent)
    2. Less Than Jake: Losing Streak (Happyman)
    3. Less Than Jake: Borders and Boundaries(Gainsville Rock City)
    4. The Vandals: Look What I almost stepped in! (Flowers are pretty)
    5. Less Than Jake: Hello Rockview (All my best friends are metalheads)
    6. Semisonic: feeling strangely fine (Closing Time)
    7. The Dancehall Crashers: Honey, I'm Homely (Lost Again)
    8. The Ataris: ...anywhere but here (Boxcar)
    9. David Gray: White Ladder (Babylon)
    10. Coldplay: Parachutes (Don't Panic)

daSilva, Desperately Seeking Sam (( 9 -

    1) Tenacious D - Tenacious D (Explosivo/Wonderboy/Tribute)
    2) The Polyphonic Spree - The Beginning Stages of... (Soldier Girl)
    3) System Of A Down - Toxicity (Bounce)
    4) Weird Al Yankovic - Running With Scissors (Alberkir...Albaquer...Albecki..oh, sod it "The Saga Begins")
    5) Rammstein - Mutter (Feur Frei)...

Neily Peely

    1. Kraftwerk: Autobahn (Autobahn)
    2. Thomas Dolby: Astronauts and Heretics (Eastern Bloc)
    3. the orb: UFORB (Blue Room)
    4. Yes: 90125 (Cinema)
    5. Emerson, Lake and Palmer: Works Vol.2 (Watching Over You)
    6. Propaganda: A Secret Wish (Duel)
    7. Isao Tomita: The Bermuda Triangle (Close Encounters)
    8. Neil Young: Unplugged (Unknown Legend)
    9. U2: Achtung Baby (Ultra Violet)
    10. Joe Walsh: But Seriously Folks (Life's Been Good)

Hilarious Joke

    1. Offspring - Pretty Fly for a White Guy (No Brakes)
    2. Usher - My Way (My Way (instrumental version))
    3. Eiffel 65 - Blue (Dabblede Dabbledi)(Blue (Dabblede Dabbledi))
    4. Silverchair - Diorama (Luv Your Life)
    5. Hanson - Middle of Nowhere (Madelene)
    6. Savage Garden - Savage Garden (Universe)
    7. 100% Hits 24 - Various (Tubthumping)
    8. Damido Selection - Various (Drops of Jupiter)
    9. Damo's Random Collection - Various (Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous)
    10. Hit Machine 16 - Various (Breathe)

univalent endymion - punk and metal fan

    1. System of a Down: System of a down (CUBErt)
    2. Offspring: Smash (What happened to you)
    3. Offspring: Conspiracy of One (Original Prankster)
    4. Nirvana: Greatest Hits(dumb)
    5. Offspring: Americana (Staring at the sun)
    6. System of a down: Toxicity (Psycho)
    7. Lostforwords : Public Army(track 4)
    8. NOFX : White Trash, 2 Heebs and a Been (Johnny Appleseed)
    9. NOFX: The Decline (The Decline)
    10. Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory (By Myself)

Dave M-(The friend of the angel with the devilish streak)

    1. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Willy and the Poor Boys (Effigy)
    2. Joe Satriani: The Extremist (The Extremist)
    3. Stevie Ray Vaughn: Soul to Soul (Little Sister)
    4. Black Sabbath: Vol 4 (Supernaut)
    5. Rainbow: Rainbow Rising (Stargazer)
    6. Barclay James Harvest: Time Honoured Ghosts (The World Goes On)
    7. Gary Moore: Run For Cover (Murder In The Skies)
    8. Pink Floyd: A Momentary Lapse of Reason (Learning to Fly)
    9. Neil Young: American Stars 'n Bars (Like a Hurricane)
    10. Bob Seger: Stranger in Town (Hollywood Nights)


    1. The Flaming Lips: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (Summertime)
    2. UNKLE: Psyence Fiction (Rabbit in your headlights)
    3. Mercury Rev: Deserters' Songs (Funny birds)
    4. Sparklehorse: Good Morning Spider (Chaos of the galaxy)
    5. Radiohead: OK Computer (Paranoid android)
    6. Goldfrapp: Felt Mountain (Utopia)
    7. Queens of the Stone Age: Songs for the Deaf (The sky is falling)
    8. At the Drive In: Relationship of Command(Non-zero probability)
    9. Mercury Rev: All is Dream (Spiders and flies)
    10. Van Morisson: Astral Weeks (The way young lovers do)

rabbi williams(famous jewish pub singer)

    1. LED ZEP 11

Researcher 215970

    1. Prefab Sprout: Steve McQueen (Desire As)
    2. Roxy Music: For your Pleasure (Strictly Confidential)
    3. Martin Stephenson: Boat To Bolivia (Rain)
    4. Carole King: Tapestry (So Far Away)
    5. Beach Boys: Pet Sounds (God Only Knows)
    6. Neil Young and Crazy Horse: Rust Never Sleeps (Powderfinger)
    7. Van Morrison: Veedon Fleece (You Don't Pull No Punches But you Don't Push The River)
    8. Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach: Painted From Memory (God Give Me Strength)
    9. Frank Zappa: The Best Band You Never Heard In your Life (Florentine Pogen)
    10. Judie Tzuke: Secret Agent (Secret Agent)

Existential Elevator

    1. Michael Jackson [sorry, I can't help it]: Dangerous -Will you be there
    2. Catatonia: Greatest Hits- You've got a lot to answer for
    3. Badly Drawn Boy: The Hour of Bewilderbeast -Epitaph and Cause a Rockslide
    4. Boy George [I apologise again]: U Can never b 2 straight- Ich bin Kunst [need I really say that?] and If I could fly
    5. Sex Pistols: Rock and Roll Swindle - No-one is innocent and My Way
    6. T-Rex: Greatest Hits -21st Century Boy
    7. Nitin Sawney: Beyond skin - Immagrant and Serpants
    8. Royskopp: Melody AM -Remind Me
    9. Siouxsie and the Banshees: Greatest Hits- Peek-a-Boo
    10.Queen: Greatest Hits I - Save me and Bicycle Race

not harmless at all

    1) The Clash- Self Titled (please don't make me pick a track)
    2) Alice Cooper- Welcome to my Nightmare (Black Widow)
    3) Led Zeppelin II (Ramble On)
    4) Liz Phair- Exile in Guyville (Girls, Girls, Girls)
    5) The Pogues- The Very Best Of.... (Dirty Old Town)
    6) The Jesus and Mary Chain- Psychocandy (Teenage Lust)
    7) Violent Femmes- Self Titled (Blister in the Sun)
    8) Elvis Costello- My Aim is True (Watching the Detectives)
    9) Beatles- Sgt. Peppers (Sgt. Peppers... I know this isn't the best Beatles album but I have my reasons)
    10) Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon (Money)
    11) The Clash- London Calling ( the obligatory 11th... London Calling)
    Billy Bragg- Talking to the Taxman About Poetry (Levi Stubb's Tears)

Researcher 217855

    1. Radiohead: OK Computer (Paranoid Android/Exit Music/Lucky)
    2. Pixies: Death To The Pixies (Where Is My Mind?)
    3. Muse: Origin Of Symmetry (Citizen Erased)
    4. Green Day: Bab's Uvula Who? (Insomniac)
    5. Oasis: Heathen Chemistry (Little By Little)
    6. Red Hot Chili Peppers: Blood Sugar Sex Magik (Funky Monks/Give It Away)
    7. Colplay: Parachutes (Yellow)
    8. Blur: Leisure (There's No Other Way)
    9. Radiohead: The Bends (Bones/Black Star)
    10. Sum 41: All Killer No Filler (Fat Lip)

Just Justin... What's YOUR initials? Survey here! A982776

    1. Pink Floyd: The Wall (Nobody Home)
    2. Dire Straits: Money for Nothing (Twisting by the Pool)
    3. Pink Floyd: Atom Heart Mother (Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast)
    4. Pink Floyd: Piper at the gates of Dawn (Lucifer Sam)
    5. Simon and Garfunkel: Bridge over troubled water (Keep the Customer Satisfied)
    6. Simon and Garfunkel: 20 Greatest Hits (the 69th Street Bridge Song)
    7. Dire Straits: Money for Nothing (Brothers in Arms)
    8. The Beatles: 1 (Lady Madonna)
    9. U2: All that you can't leave behind (Stuck in a moment)
    10. Wierd Al Yankovic: Greatest Hits Volume 2 (This is the Life)


    1. KLF - The White Room (3AM Eternal)
    2. Kraftwerk - Autobahn (Autobahn)
    3. The Stranglers - Hits and Heroes (Get a grip [on yourself], Golden Brown)
    4. 10cc - Sheet Music (The Dean and I)
    5. New Order - Substance 1987 (Blue Monday)
    6. Holst - The Planets Suite (Jupiter)
    7. The Best of Julian Cope and The Teardrop Explodes (Treason, Reward)
    8. Pink Floyd - Echoes (Comfortably Numb, Learning To Fly)
    9. The Beatles - Revolver (Tomorrow Never Knows)
    10. Air - Moon Safari


    1. The Pixies Doolittle (I Bleed)
    2. Tom Waits Raindogs (Downtown Train)
    3. The Beatles Abbey Road (the end cycle)
    4. Counting Crows August and .. (Anna Begins)
    5. James Taylor Mud Slide Slim (long ago and far away)
    6. Jeff Buckley Grace (Hallelujah)
    7. Nick Cave No More Shall We Part (Love Letter or God is in the House)
    8. John Cooper Clarke Disguise in Love (Valley of the Lost Women)
    9. Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks (Tangled up in Blue)
    10. Van Morrison Veedon Fleece (Linden Arden Stole the Highlights)

Sir Temporal Bandit, Knight of Dubious, But Still Perfectly Seamless Logical Arguments, Keeper of the Lost and the Freebie

    1. Queen: A Day At The Races (Tie Your Mother Down)
    2. Jeff Buckley: Grace (Lover, You Should've Come Over)
    3. Beatles: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)
    4. Jimi Hendrix: Axis: Bold As Love (Bold As Love)
    5. Eric Clapton: Unplugged (Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out)
    6. Brian May: Another World (All The Way From Memphis)
    7. Mott The Hoople: The Ballad Of Mott: A Retrospective (Marionette)
    8. David Bowie: The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars (Ziggy Stardust)
    9. Roger Taylor: Electric Fire (No More Fun)
    10. Dire Straits: Sultans Of Swing - The Very Best Of Dire Straits (Money For Nothin)

The Psycho Chicken -- clockwork, as opposed to quartz

    1. Marillion, All of it, but especially : Brave
    2. Tears For Fears : The Seeds of Love (Swords and Knives)
    3. Joe Jackson - Blaze of Glory (Evil Empire)
    4. Fish : Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors (Vigil)
    5. Pink Floyd : Wish You Were Here (Shine On..)
    6. Sarah McLachlan : Surfacing (Do What You Have To)
    7. Dave Matthews Band : Crash (#41)
    8. Coldplay : A Rush of Blood To The Head (The Scientist)
    9. John Coltrane : Blue Train
    10. Del Amitri : Waking Hours (This Side of the Morning)

Small Talk

    1. King Crimson: Red (Starless) [some things never change]
    2. Brian Eno: Before and After Science (Backwater)
    3. Nickelback: Silver Side Up (Never Again)
    4. Audioslave: Audioslave (Set It Off)
    5. Rush: Three Stages (Driven)
    6. Holst: The Planets Suite (Mars)
    7. Underworld: Dubnobasswithmyheadman (Mmm Skyscraper I Love You)
    8. Genesis: Calling All Stations (Small Talk)
    9. Marillion: Season's End (Uninvited Guest)
    10. Weather Report: Heavy Weather (Birdland)
    11. Faithless: Reverence (Salva Mea)
    12. Fairport Convention: Jewel In The Crown (Red Tide)
    13. Jethro Tull: Dot Com (Spiral)

Draven.... Master of Random Blowtorch Activities and the 250th Thingite!!!!

    1. NoFx: So Long and thanks for all the shoes (Eat the Meek)
    2. Pennywise: Pennywise (Homeless)
    3. NoFx: 45 or 46 songs that werent good enough to go on our other records (Zyclon B Bathouse)
    4. My Ruin: Prayer Under the Pressure of Violent Anguish (Miss Ann Thrope)
    5. The Clash: London Calling (The Card Cheat)
    6. Dead Kennedys: Bedtime for Democracy (Chickens**t Conformist)
    7. Various Artists: Punk-O-Rama 5 (The Game - Union 13)
    8. Hole: Live Thru This (Doll Parts)
    9. RCT: We Will Win (We Will Win)
    10. 98 Mute: After the Fall (They Say)

Good Angel (Keeper of skinny boys with cheekbones who wear mascara BUT DON'T SQUEAK unlike some people; aka. one-i'd Jenni)

    1. Pixies: Death to the Pixies (Velouria)
    2. Cocteau Twins: Stars and Topsoil (Iceblink Luck)
    3. Smashing Pumpkins: Rotten Apples (1979)
    4. The Cure: Greatest Hits (Lovecats)
    5. Suede: Dog Man Star (The Wild Ones)
    6. Weezer: Weezer (Only In Dreams)
    7. Violent Femmes: Add It Up (Blister In The Sun)
    8. Belle and Sebastian: If You're Feelong Sinister (ahhh.... ummm... oh god... Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying)
    9. The White Stripes: White Blood Cells (We're Gonna Be Friends)
    10. Mazzy Star: She Hangs Brightly (Halah)


    1 Nirvana. You know your right. Nirvana
    2 InMe. Crushed like fruit. Over grown eden
    3 Cradle of filth. Babylon AD. Witchhearts and Lovecraft
    4 Hundred Reasons. Find you. Ideas above our station
    5 Greenday Sassifras roots. Dookie
    6 Blink182. Carrosel. Cheshire cat
    7 Marilyn Manson. Love Song. Holywood
    8 Good Charlotte. Life Styles.... The young and the hopeless
    9 Bon Jovi. Living on a prayer. Crossroads
    10 Staind. Its been a while. Break the cycle

The Evil One, The Hun, Invader of Balwyniti, muse of origami, Sporkite and Death of Conversations

    1. Guns and Roses: Appetite For Destruction, (sweet child of mine)
    2. U2: best of 1990-2000 (hold me thrill me kiss me kill me)
    3. The Beatles: CD Name (Yesterday)
    4. Rob D: The matrix Clubbed to Death
    5. Garbage: (No. 1 Crush)
    6. The Cardigans: (Erase and Rewind)
    7. Eminem: Eminem show (White America)
    8. Queen: CD Name (Bohemian Rapsody)
    9. The Presidents of the United States of America: Corosion(Video Killed the Radio Star)
    10. Prodigy: Fat of the Land (Narayan)

Billy's Girl

    1. Linkin Park: Reanimation(15:My December)
    2. Cat Stevens: Greatest Hits(Peace Train)
    3. Good Charlotte: Lifestyles of the Young and the Hopeless (Bloody Valentine)
    4. Our Lady Peace: Gravity (Innocent)
    5. Our Lady Peace: Spiritual Machines (Life)
    6. Savage Garden: Affirmation (Two Beds and a Coffee Machine)
    7. Sugarcult: Start Static (Pretty Girl(The Way))
    8. The Steve Miller Band: Greatest Hits 1974-78 (The Joker)
    9. Bush: 6teen Stone (Glycerine)
    10.Sublime: Sublime (What I Got)

Krispy Kreme

    1. Pixies - Purple Tape (In Heaven)
    2. Pixies - Surfer Rosa (Where Is My Mind)
    3. Pixies - Doolittle (Silver)
    4. Pixies - Bossanova (Cecillia Ann)
    5. Pixies - Trompe Le Monde (Motorway To Roswell)
    6. Radiohead - Ok Computer (Subterranean Homesick Alien)
    7. Beck - Sea Change (Golden Age)
    8. Global Communication - 76:14 (Track 2)
    9. Brian Eno - Apollo (Weightless)
    10. Massive Attack - Protection (Protection)

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