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I have my very own aquarium!

It, in all its 36" x 18" x 15" glory, sits in our lounge on a fake mahogany stand. smiley - orangefish


To date: 6 angelfish, 4 glass catfish, 2 panther catfish, 3 silver sharks, 3 upside-down catfish - and 14 plants.


These know the tank best, because they were the first in there. They are quite arrogant about this. They're also really friendly and follow me if I walk from one end of the aquarium to the other. I've been predictable and named them after angels, too:
  • Abariel - Zebra-coloured with a yellow nose.
  • Blaef - Grey.
  • Carcacasa - Beautiful white.
  • Cherub - White and yellow.
  • Gabriel - Blackest zebra. Yellow patch above eyes. So-named because he originally appeared to be in charge!
  • Seraphim - Zebra-coloured, and a little silvery, with yellow eyes.

Glass Catfish

We were in awe of these fish from the moment we saw them. Currently they enjoy hiding under one of the bigger plants, though they should be spending more time in the middle regions of the tank.

Panther Catfish

These are the most expensive fish in the tank at £9.90 each, so we bought just two. They're very, very active though. They stay at the bottom of the tank but they move around a lot. I was a little frustrated with them when they were first introduced to the tank because they stirred up the gravel and therefore the dirt concealed underneath. Grr.

Silver Sharks

They're so beautiful! One of them is a fair bit bigger than the other two, and has therefore been named "Daddy shark". At time of print, they are hanging around the bottom of the tank a lot.

Upside-Down Catfish

I'll admit that I bought these for the comical value! For some reason, I can't resist laughing whenever I see them swim upside down. They enjoy sticking to the underside of plants. And staying there.

Aquarium History

12th May 2002: Aquarium and base unit installed. Aquarium filled with water and gravel. Heater and filter installed.

18th May 2002: 6 angelfish (Abariel, Blaef, Caracasa, Cherub, Gabriel, and Seraphim) introduced. 14 plants introduced. Fed for the first time on frozen bloodworm (or similar). Gabriel was the first to enter the tank. Seraphim was the first to swim to the surface to feed.

9th June 2002: 12 new fish introduced: 4 glass catfish, 2 panther catfish, 3 silver sharks, and 3 upside-down catfish. A number of the angelfish appear to be pregnant!

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