University Project Page: The Seventeen Wallpaper Patterns

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  • Project Name: The Seventeen Wallpaper Patterns
  • Field Researcher: Icy North
  • Faculty: Science, Mathematics and Engineering
  • Start Date: 07/10/10
  • End Date (Provisional): 21/10/10
  • Assisting Sub-editor: 

Project Description

This is an introduction to the mathematics of two-dimensional patterns, known to mathematicians as 'wallpaper patterns'. Far from being a dry entry on maths, this is a very colourful and accessible topic which should appeal to lovers of art & design and interior decoration as well as those interested in geometry. The project consists of one main entry which describes the basic mathematics, and five further entries which describe the seventeen pattern groups in detail.

The text requires a fairly large number of diagrams - around 21 in all: four in the main entry and one for each of the pattern groups in the detail entries. The aim is to have no more than 5 diagrams and 100KB of graphics per entry. This 'page weight' was approved by the BBC h2g2 Editors.

Diagrams will be stored on a publicly-accessible photo-share during the Peer Review phase. The author will update the diagrams as required to support any changes to the text or to clarify any of the points covered.

Pages currently in progress:

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