The Thursday Meetup - Reading May 11th 2002 AD

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Incongruously held on a Saturday, the Thursday Meet, so named to annoy Thingites1, was attended by some people. In an effort to best tradition they decided to hold it in a Macdonalds. Furthermore, no alcohol was consumed, Uncle Heavy has become straight edge and the fish really does have gills, which he hasn't yet shown to his fiance2.

The Who, The What and The When (The Why MIA)

Let's cut to the chase then shall we? A whole bunch of pale moulting internet people all went to a town called reading where they went to the pub and drank large amounts of beer. Then they went hyome as best they could3. Ask yourselves whether you are really surprised.

OK OK OK. I'll tell you what really happened. Most of us turned up at around 1PM in Reading's station. We sat there for a bit looking for all the world like a group of self-conscious internet fiends let out of their cages for our weekly sunlight allowance4. After waiting and waiting and dithering and disappearing in stages to visit the toiletry facilities, we decided to go to a pub. Who'd have thunk? It was called the forum and it was by and large a boring place5. Anyway, we sat down and consumed some BEER. It was at that point I realised that I had precisely a five pound note in my wallet. Ahem. Anyway, because even we realised that 9 hours solid in one pub was probably a bit rich, we decided to go and play rounders in a park. It was a very nice park, and we found an empty patch of grass, onto which we precipitated ourselves.
1Our campaign is bigger than yours. And you know what they say about people with big campaigns. This would have had old Freud reching for the nose powder, i tell you.2At least some of that information is a lie3Some were more successful than others, but thats how it crumbles, cookie-wise4Inside, natch5The Peer Review of pubs :-P

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