The Gauntlet Challenge: Wake Up!

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A couple of weeks ago, we threw down the gauntlet to our readers and writers.

After the editors stopped hopping around (the gauntlet was left over from Malabarista's collection of medieval armour) we sat back and waited for the submissions to roll in. And roll in they did. Apparently, we were right: You folks know how to fix the world's problems. And you can do it in a thousand words or less. We are proud of you – if occasionally alarmed by the suggestions.

Here, Bel is advocating a return to simple, frugal values – doing our part for the environment. We know well that she practices what she preaches. You go, girl.

Wake Up!

How to save the World in a thousand words?

Hard to tell, but I know that we won't need any swords.

What we need is to make a start at ourselves,

Not to look at the others; it's five minutes to twelve!

It is easy enough and doesn't take much:

Avoid wasting resources like fuel and such.

Leave your car where it is, try cycling or walking

Get active! You won't change a thing just by talking!

Buy local produce that is not wrapped in plastic,

You'll soon find that having less waste is fantastic.

Glass, paper and plastic you can easily sort

By recycling them your environs you support.

If you leave a room switch the light off, why don't you?

And as you are at it, switch the TV-set off, too.

Your clothes don't need washing when you've worn them one day,

Put them on a coat hanger for airing, I say.

I could go on and on; the examples are many

However I don't want to sound like a nanny.

I am sure you can find something that you can do,

Every small thing helps, and it's rewarding, too.

All this may seem small in the grand scheme of things,

But if we all do it with zest and with zing,

We'll by and by better the world for us all,

So please understand this as a wake-up-call.

smiley - boingsmiley - boingsmiley - boing

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