Lip balm addiction: an important message to fight the chapped lip blues

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Just reading the label should make you cringe. Octinoxate 7.5%, Oxybenzone 3.5% White petrolatum 38.7% Horrifying. What is the other 41.3 %? Well, just waxy stuff really. The important thing here is to look at the active ingredients. The Oxynoxate may be the most important ingredient to your lips, but it is also the most addictive! Yes, the oxy-whatsis leaves you feeling better now, but there are two distinctly dangerous side-effects.

1-After the oxysomething wears off, you are left feeling worse than before, and as such, a psychological addiciton is born.
2-The oxijibber is actually designed to dry your lips out further, requiring you to use and ultimately buy more lip balm! Conspiracy!

But not to worry. This addiction can be beaten with time, patience and warm weather. Try the following steps

1.Throw them away and stay away! If need be, avoid the lip care aisle at your local drug store, whatever it takes to stop yourself from purchasing the evil substance.

2.Quit licking your lips. This is one of the tougher parts of the recovery process. Bite your tounge everytime you get the urge to lick. It is a bit Pavlovian but it will work.

3.Join a support group. Or start one. Others do have this problem. Just get them to admit it. Online anonymous groups work well, considering who wants anyone to know they have this kind of problem?

4.If all else fails, move to a warmer climate where the cold will not dry out your lips so fast. Deserts come to mind.
As a final note, no matter what you do, never try to use melted candle wax in a fit of need, it will simply adhere to the skin and cause painfull burning. After which you will need more lip balm.

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