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These are an interesting species, as well as one of the more annoying of the lot. Many congregate around certain spots in hives and buzz around quite noisily. In Washington D.C, they are quite populous and one could make quite a fortune in being an exterminator or indeed, just a repelling agent. The majority of them wear suits with nooses around their neck, which demonstrates their complete ignorance of anything besides their issues, which tend to be things that only other politicians can relate to, and therefore have little concern for the public. However, so many of them believe that the public should, in fact, be interested in such a pressing issue, that they believe that they represent the public and go around, trying to get people to vote for them. In the elections, people try and figure out the voting procedure, which has become so obscure that many end up hole punching themselves and cause millions of civilians to end up in the emergency room with paper cuts. The only remedy for this is to not vote. The downside is that the bigger idiot will most likely be elected. The only way to truly be free of them is to live in Idaho or Canada.

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