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These must have been put on earth by a mutant megalithic megalomaniacal turnip.

They contain the three main criteria to rot vegetables.

1) Free Flowing Air:Will (just to mention a few), turn the most respected Carrot to a rubbery mess and Spinach into limp disaster.

2) Sunlight:Turns Potatoes green (especially new potatoes), Cabbage yellow. need I say more.

3) Heat:It gets hot in the kitchen didn't you know. Even you would eventually wilt under these conditions. The old fashion larder is also warm and cosy to veg. compared to a fridge.

Vegetable Racks should be banned by Health and Safety as hazardous to the human race and the environment.

Not to mention they are open to attack by the invading fruit flies. Nasty little six legged flying creatures that are employed by the vegetables. They attack in swarms and can turn your beautiful display into a smelly compost heap, overnight.

Fight back and throw away Vegetable Racks. If you must keep yours for display purposes, fill it with plastic Fruit & Veg. It's safer. The vegetables of the world know the racks will allow them to escape in days by being thrown away, and be saved from cooking.

Investing in a large & modern Larder Fridge (Ice Box to some) is the only way to ensure you lessen the effect, don't suffer from the hands of some very clever and crafty vegetables as well as greedy fruit flies .

Use this factual information and pass it around.
vegiman :-)

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