USA Trip Summer 2002 : Delmarva Farms

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My American Summer 2002

My Plans so far


So far I've not made much in the way of concrete plans. I plan to go to the us in or around the 13th of june this year and work through till the end of july and then come home. I travelled a bit last year so i'm not going to bother this year...i'll be on a mainly working holiday.

I'll be working down at Delmarva Farms in Baltimore, Maryland again, where I worked last year, and it should be fun. Some of the people from last year are going back and a whole host of new folk so i'm looking forward to it. I'm going to try and keep this up to date and keep it as a diary of my time in the USA. I tried to keep a diary last year but it was hopeless coz I couldn't get access to a dial up system to update I'll link my website to here and just update this...which is nice.

If anyone else is going to be working at Delmarva Farms or will be in the baltimore/columbia area and has any ideas for things I can do please let me know. I'll update this page regularly with info on what going on and how my plans are going untill I go away and then I'll try and keep a diary of my time there.

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