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Last week TIMELORD set you a quiz on Comic Book Super Heroes. The winner with 9/10 was Madent. The only other entrant, Spook scored 100% - wrong... again! Never mind Spook - try again soon please. smiley - smiley

  1. Q: What were the names of Charles Xavier's first students who formed the original X-men?
    A: Bobby Drake(Iceman), Scott Summers(Cyclops), Hank Mc
    Coy(Beast), Warren Kenneth Worthington III(Angel), Jean Grey (Mavel Girl)

  2. Q: Why was Bruce Banner changed to David Banner when the Hulk was turned into a TV series?
    A: Because Bruce was thought to sound to gay!

  3. Q: Who was Marvels' Man Without Fear?
    A: Daredevil

  4. Q: What was the name of the scientist who became Ant-Man/Giant-Man/Yellow Jacket and Goliath?
    A: Henry (Hank) Pym

  5. Q: What was the name Dick Grayson took after he stopped being Robin?
    A: Nightwing

  6. Q: After he lost the 'green lantern ring' who's ring did Guy Gardener wear for a sort time?
    A: Sinestro's

  7. Q: In what city did the original Flash do most of his crime fighting?
    A: Keystone City

  8. Q: What was the alter ego of Krypto (Superman's dog)?
    A: Skip

  9. Q: Where did Wonder Woman come from?
    A: Paradise Island

  10. Q: When Guy Gardner(Green Lantern) had a fight with Batman how long did it last?
    A One punch (Batman hit Guy)


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