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Resident Evil

Approximately 100 minutes long

Director: Paul Anderson

Cast: Milla Jovovich (Alice), Eric Mabius (Matt), Michelle Rodriguez (Rain), Pasquale Aleardi, Liz May Brice, Micheala Dicker, Heike Makatsch, Indra Ove, James Purefoy (Spencer Parks), Colin Salmon.

Finally a video game movie that doesn't suck horribly. I mean, sure, it was scary as all heck and made me jump, and my boyfriend jump also, but it was actually decent. Think about what I'm saying for a moment here: The last few video-game based movies have sucked horribly (as I said above). Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within? What were they thinking? And that Mortal Kombat movie a few years back. Uugh.

The Resident Evil film was made to be a prequel to the Resident Evil game series, according to the people who have actually played the game (I am not among these people because I am not particularly into horror games).

The storyling goes suchlike: A multi-billion dollar company has developed a supervirus that turns people into zombies.Somehow one of the glass containers holding one of the strains of the virus gets broken and distributes through the air via the ventilation shaft. A lot of people turn into zombies.

Suddenly we are taken to a large house where a woman (Milla Jovovich) is lying fairly unclothed in a shower. She appears to have memory loss. She finds a red dress on a bed in an adjoining room and puts it on. It is painfully cool. Then some people burst through a few windows and more or less kidnap her. They take her to an underground facility underneath her incredibly expensive house and eventually to the research centre where everyone has turned into zombies. Then, people turn into zombies. A lot of people turn into zombies. Panic and fear run rampant. The chick in the painfully cool red dress kicks things. Hard. Devil-dogs try to eat said chick in cool red dress. She kicks them too, and equally hard. And then other things begin to happen. Bigger things. Badder things. People get bitten and turned into zombies. A computer programme in the shape of a small English girl picked out in a red hologram begins to scream at the chick in the red dress to kill people. People die. Panic and fear run rampant (Again.).

And the ending is really, really scary, and makes you all paranoid. So I won't say anything about it.

(Mwa ha ha ha ha.)

As much as it scared the hell out of me, I really really liked it. So it gets a smiley - sheep. And a smiley - vampire. And some random stuffsmiley - winkeyesmiley - piratesmiley - catsmiley - bunnysmiley - chocsmiley - coffeesmiley - zoomsmiley - magic. And such.

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