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Rice is an excessivly complex subject as it is practically a food group all to itself.
Rice is a grain grown in damp conditions. There are as many variaties of rice as their are countries. Each culture has some use for rice as a food product.
The United States of America, in fact, even produces a puffed version coated in sugar, served with milk, for breakfast. Japan serves steamed rice for any meal (including breakfast, although normally as a savory).
There are rice puddings - gelatinous, rice cakes - rigid and taste-free, sushi and sashimi - rice wrapped in seaweed, steamed - with or without many additional ingredients, boiled, other foods stuffed with rice, casserolls, fried, milk, flour, and etc., etc.
The rice grain is generally 1/4 to 3 centimeters in length, covered with a husk (when brown) or pollished (when white), and is an excellent source of starch. Rice can also be made into paper.
Each rice producing country is sure that their's is the superior kind.
Risoto, short grain, long grain, curry, sushi,.... Ah rice....

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