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Dragon Lore

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Below is my attempt at creating a guide to how Dragons should be used in battle. The Lore is split into several sections, or Chapters, each based on different aspects of Dragon Fighting. Note that the 'Lores' that are not in speech marks are my own entries. The 'Quotes' are usually from Evadian Dragon Lore, but some may be from other areas.

This volume of Dragon Lore is written for, and owned by The Dragonhouse.

1: Weapons of Dragon War

1/1: The Dragon has been used since they were tamed by the Elves of Ulthuan. Since then, they have been used by many races.

1/2: Most Dragons can breathe fire, though some have been known to breathe icy blasts, poisonous gas and, in one unusual case, magical mist that turned its victims to stone!

1/3: Those who are brave enough to mount a Dragon and ride it into battle are known as Dragoons, or Dragon Knights.

1/4: Since the War of Fire, Dragon Knights have worn thick, heavy armour and a long, sharp lance capable of penetrating a Dragon's hide.

1/5:"A Dragon's first weapon is terror." -Valkyis Dragonheart, on fighting with Dragons.

1/6: Dragons have a simple yet effective method of fighting; to punch, bite and claw their opponent to pieces.

1/7: In Dragon duels, there is little a Rider can do except hold on for his life, or try to slay the opposing Rider.

1/8: Despite common mythology, Dragons are not attracted to hoards of gold, and their underbellies, while not as well armoured, can still deflect most attacks.

1/9: "There are only three things that can harm a Dragon: Magic, War machines and more Dragons!" -Yio Zieg, Azuman Dragon Knight.

2: Skills and Tactics

2/1: "Tactics! What tactics does a Dragon need? What is not flamed to ash is crushed beneath the Dragon's claws, or swallowed in its gaping maw!" -Cerasen, third Dragon Lord of Ulthuan.

2/2: Despite the words of Cerasen, there are many who believe that tactics play a vital role in Dragon Warfare. However, they rarely stretch beyond which target to attack first.

2/3: A vital tactic of arial combat is to gain height. The higher the Dragon, the more powerful its dives.

2/4: "My men fear the Dragon, and rightly so. For we are small and weak, how can we possibly harm such a magnificant beast? But though we are small, our Cannons are not! And there are many cannons to each Dragon, and by this we can triumph!" -Sebastian Ulric, Imperial Artillary General

2/5: As Sebastian Ulric states, Dragons can be defeated by war machines. However, the difficulty is always to strike the Dragon. This can be difficult, especially if it is in flight.

2/6: The best place to fight a Dragon is somewhere it cannot fly.

2/18: "There is only one thing more terrifying than Dragons, and that is Dragons flying in formation!" -Sebastian Jericho at the battle of Fammiler.

3: Dragon Flight

3/1: A Dragon's flame is vital to its flight. Without it, Dragons would be unable to fly.

3/2: It has been noted that there are a few Dragons which poses skills in magic. These Dragons often defy the laws of Dragon flight, and can fly without fire.

3/3: Dragons often rely on thermals to fly. This is another use of the Dragon's flame...

3/4: If a Dragon burns down your village, it's probably nothing personal.
A red dragon

4: Dragon Breeds

4/1: "The Dragon is forged from the strongest element of every creature. It has the speed of a horse, the agility of the eagle, and the bloodlust of man." -Francis Draeger, on Dragons.

4/2: There are many breeds of Dragon, and each has several sub-breeds. The Prime Breeds are: Drakes, Dragons, Grand Dragons, Leviathan, Wyrms and Wyverns.

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