Dried Squid from Bicycle Vendors

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In Bangkok, especially in the late evening, you can buy dried squid to snack on from street vendors.

This chap pedals around the night-spots on his oddly modified bicycle. Dozens of dried, flattened squids hang on a rack mounted on the back, of which he selects about eight and, lifting the cover off a small barbeque, grills them until they sizzle and pop. He then runs them through a mangle also mounted on the bike, to ‘pre-chew’ them for you. A few bhat exchange hands, the tasty titbits are stuffed into a small paper bag. Warm and crispy. Yum!

We ducked into the nearest girlie bar for a drink and to sample some of these fishy delights. Big Al, our guide, reckoned that we should offer them to some of the naked girls go-go dancing on the bar. I was quite fond of the little morsels, but we decided that we would make friends if we didn't keep them all to ourselves.

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