The Timelord Quiz - Myths and Legends, the Solution

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Congratulations to Madent who scored an impressive 10/10 on this quiz. Granny Weatherwax and Polidari Wormwood both managed 9/10, stumbling on questions two and one respectively.

  1. Q: Name both of King Arthur's swords?
    A: Excalibur and Caliburn

  2. Q: What god did Robin of Sherwood worship?
    A: Herne the Hunter

  3. Q: What was the name of Cupid's wife?
    A: Psyche

  4. Q: What book tells the story(s) of Sinbad?
    A: 1001 Arabian Nights

  5. Q: Zeus was the father of the Nine Muses but who was their mother?
    A: Mnemosyne

  6. Q: What kind of creature was Stheno?
    A: She was a Gorgon

  7. Q: A Griffin was said to be part of which two creatures?
    A: An eagle and a lion

  8. Q: What substance killed Balder?
    A: Mistletoe

  9. Q: By what name was the Roman god Quirinus first known?
    A: Romulus

  10. Q: The Minotaur was confined to a labyrinth on which Greek island?
    A: Crete


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