The Timelord Quiz - Detectives - Solution

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Granny Weatherwax and Madent both scored 7/10 in this detective quiz. TIMELORD adjudged that Granny gave two answers for question two, not

being sure about the actual series The XYZ Man and mentioning The Strangers as well.

Madent was slightly confused and called Star CopsStar Laws. Both were caught out

by the question about Tinker, opting for Lovejoy and musing about his place as a


  1. Q: Which radio station did Shoestring work for?
    A: Radio West

  2. Q: In what show did we first see George Bulman?
    A: The XYZ Man

  3. Q: Were did Sergeant Rycott do most of his drinking?
    A: The Winchester Club

  4. Q: Who first used the radio call signs 37 and 45?
    A: Bodie and Doyle

  5. Q: What were Dempsey and Makepeace's first names?
    A: James and Harriet

  6. Q: Who was first seen in Detective Comics Number 27?
    A: Batman

  7. Q: In which show did we see Chief Inspector Frank Haskins?
    A: The Sweeney

  8. Q: What film did Dixon of Dock Green die in?
    A: The Blue Lamp

  9. Q: Which detective had an assistant called Tinker?
    A: Sexton Blake

  10. Q: What was the nick name of the International Space Police Force?
    A: Star Cops


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