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The answers and winners of last week's quiz on Voyager are as follows. Granny Weatherwax managed an impressive 8/10 and TowelMaster a creditable 7/10. Congratulations to Spook who scored 100% by answering only one and getting it correct!

  1. Q: What does Star Fleet call the molecule the Borg call molecule 010?
    A: The Omega Molecule

  2. Q: Who was the first Maje of the Kazon Ogla?
    A: Jabin

  3. Q: Which magazine column was banned by the Q?
    A: My Corner of The Continuum (written by the Q - aka Quinn, from Deathwish )

  4. Q: What is the name of Captain Proton's sidekick?
    A: Buster Kincaid

  5. Q: On what planet was admiral Edward Janeway killed?
    A: Tau Ceti Prime

  6. Q: What do the Borg call the Vulcans?
    A: Species 3259

  7. Q: What was the name of the planet that the Dreadnaught had locked on to?
    A: Rakosa V

  8. Q: What is the name of the priest in Fair Haven?

    A: Father Mulligan (as played by the EMH)

  9. Q: What was the name of the Female Caretaker?

    A: Suspiria

  10. Q: What ship did Harry command in 'End Game'?
    A: Rhode Island


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