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Saint Books I am Missing

If you have read my user page you know that I collect The Saint books by Leslie Chartertis.

Currently I am missing 14 books, they are:

The Saint meets the tiger (meet the tiger)1928

Thanks to The Saint 1958

The Saint to the rescue 1961

Vendetta for The Saint 1965 (Harry Harrison and LC)

The Saint on tv 1968 (Flemming Lee and John Kurse)

The Saint returns 1969 (Flemming Lee, Dr Motton, Leigh Vance and John Kruse)

The Saint in pursuit 1970 (Flemming Lee and LC)

The Saint and the people importers 1973 (Flemming Lee and LC)

Catch The Saint 1975 (Flemming Lee and Norman Worker)

The Saint and the templar treasure 1979 (Graham Weaver and Donna Avenell)

Salvage for The Saint 1983 (Peter Bloxsom and John Kurse)

The Saint (movie novelization) 1997 (Burl Barer and Jonathon Hensleigh)

Capture The Saint 1997 (Burl Barer)

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