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My checkered past. Hmmm what can I tell you the reader without totally embarrassing myself. I have lived in many different places and will probable move quite a few more times before I just give up and curl up into the fetal position. I was born in San Diego, CA. My family moved when I was two to VA. We moved again when I was 6 from VA to this place called Jacksonville, NC. Map of the USA Interesting place to grow up. J'ville is the home of Camp Jejune, USMC base and a few others for that matter. Yes growing up in a military town is a different experience than many people imagine. I will not go into many details right now but I might write a little something on it latter. Most everything I can just skip here except that in High School I met this little shmuck you might have seen posting all around h2g2 by the name of Aaron. I must say he has been a good friend for many years now. I hope to still be friends with him (even though he is a little shmuck) for a very long time. Another High school friend to find their way to H2G2 is the always lovely Jen. With the growning number on J'ville people on this site look out. When we graduated we all took o diffrent paths they went to college, to become some of those learned people, and I went into the Army, to be one of those wearing camo jumping from plane REMFs. My path in the Army went something like this:
Fort Jackson, SC to Fort Gordon, GA to Fort Benning, GA, to get this Fort Bragg, NC. Yes join the military see the world or for me join and get sent right back where you came from. I had a lot of fun, met a lot of good people, and learned a lot about life, the universe, and everything. If you are one of those people who are thinking of joining the military I would recommend it. Don't just take my word for it ask some of the people at the barracks about their experiences and if you are a veteran you should stop in and let yourself be known. After I got out of the Army I took this crazy job in NYC for Sprint a telephone company. Like I said before I end up having a lot of free time so I post a lot during work hours. That's about it for history cus if I keep going on its going to be the present and then I would just say I am typing.

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