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If you are viewing this entry, chances are you have just been ACE'd by me and have come here to have a little look at what the guide has to offer.
Well, it has loads. Far too much to talk about in this entry so I'll give youa few tips to get you started in the world of h2g2.

The first port of call should be the welcome page as it has loads of useful links and tips.

And check out the h2g2 newspaper's list of useful links too.

One of my favorite places on h2g2 is "Ask h2g2". It does exactly what it says on the tin. You ask questions, other researchers try and answer them, or you help out other researchers with their questions. It doesn't have to be serious, anything goes really.

If you've ever wondered how to do something then you might want to check out our How do I...? forum too.

Your personal space is like your little corner of the h2g2 community. You get to tell people about yourself and your interests. If you want to attract more people to your space then it is a good idea to spruce it up a little. Perhaps with some pictures. To learn the language of h2g2 (GuideML) click below


Don't be frightened if you don't know anything about web-design or html, it's really easy to pick up. Any questions, ask me or one the other ACE's. Dastardly's entry about the Jargon on h2g2

some useful advice for writing edited entries.

Deciding What to Write for the Guide
Using Approved GuideML in the Edited Guide
English Usage in the Edited Guide

Finally, the best advice is, just dive in! click the "Who's online" button at the top of the page and pick an intersting name. Then read the researcher space and say a quick hello. You'll find everyone in the community is very friendly.

Enjoy, threesecondmemory (LEE).

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