Rules for Egyptian Rat F**k (A Card Game)

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Other names: Egyptian Rat Screw, Egyptian Rat

All cards are dealt evenly into player's face-down piles, war-style. Player to the left of dealer begins play by putting his top card face-up on the pile (which doesn't exist until he does). If this is not a face card (Jack, Queen, King, Ace), play procedes to the left. If it is a face card, the player to the left has a certain number of chances to put down a face card. The number of chances depends on the original face card:

Ace = 4
King = 3
Queen = 2
Jack = 1

If the second player fails to put down a face card, the first player puts the pile on the bottom of his pile (a good thing, the object is to get all the cards). If he succedes, the player to his left now has a number of chances to put down a face card, and so on.

The only other rule is slapping. This has nothing to do with rude comments regarding the name of the game and other players, but rather with slapping the pile. If certain criteria are met, any player may slap the pile and recieve all the cards (if they slap first). This may happen *at any point* if the criteria are met. If they are not met, any player who slaps must place a card under the pile (called a shelp). No fair choosing the card.

Slapping criteria depends heavily on house rules. Is is always accepted that doubles (e.g., a 9H on a 9C) are slappable, but additional situations are commonly accepted. The most common non-standard (non-doubles) slap rule is for "sandwiches" (i.e., any card directly between two cards of equal value). Most often, however, slapping is left to doubles.

When a player is out of cards, house rules kick in again. He may lose, or he may be allowed to "slap in" (i.e., use the slap rule to get cards again). People wishing to play once the game has begun may slap in as well, assuming the other players consent.

A player has won when he is the only one with cards. There may be cards left on the table, but if the pile is slappable and any player slaps it, the slap is valid and play comtiniues.

A warning: it is very hard to play with more than five players. For the good of the game, do not allow more to slap in.

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