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French Canadians are especially interested in their origins, and we are blessed in many ways when it comes to Genealogy in New France.
First, French Settlement of North America ended with the english conquest of 1760. This, in short, means that there is a limited timespan, from 1608 to 1760, where french settlers came to Canada. Second, the French immigration policy was radically different from the english's, so at the end of the french regime, there were significanly less people in new France when compared to the thirteen colonies. Third, there were never any greatly devastating wars in Canada (some might argue that the destruction of Quebec city during the siege of 1759 was devastating, but on an archive point of view, there was almost no damage done.), so the archive record is almost 100% complete. Fourth, the colony started in 1608, which is the beggining of almost all written archives in Europe outside of Royalty.. Fifth, there is a great interest and there are a few amazing people who went around any created a complete directory of all the weddings from the beggining of the colony to the beginning of the 20th century ! So Genealogy in French Canada is a breeze (until you can't find what you are looking for, of course !).

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