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Its escalating, and escalating quickly. If its going to bem stopped, it must be stopped NOW. Because if we let the israelis and palestinians continue to fight, it has a good chance of escalating into a global conflict.

Why does everyone care enough about israel/palestine to start a
global war over it? Because its sitting on the top of the worlds oil supplies, and its ready to explode. The arabs have been fighting the hebrews for thousands of years, and both sides are racist fanatics. Now that Sharon is in power, it is highly unlikely that the situation will take care of itself. WHat we are facing is an arab-israeli war more horrible than the world has ever witnessed. The U.S. will be dragged in when the israelis bite off more than they can chew. And in light of videos streaming into the country of palestinians dancing for joy when they heard of the attacks on Sept. 11th, i dont think many of us are going to feel very inclined to let them keep their land.

Who else may be dragged in? Russia? China? They're both pissed about our missile defense system. They both sell weapons to the palestinians, and neither of them are historically freindly towards the japanese. And what does japan have to do with it. The key to our economy. If Japan goes, WE go. And the chinese are just itching to get their hands on their old enemy. ANother problem is the nuclear capability of north korea, pakistan, and india. All of these countries have the capability to build nuclear weapons and share them with other third world countries. Think about this : Suicide NUCLEAR bombers.

Nuclear detonations in the third world may not be as devistating as a massive nuclear exchange between the USA and the Soviet Union, but it will more than likely bring the rest of the world into the conflict. And all over a strip of bleeding desert!

The wars we are facing aren't going to be little wars like desert storm, but massive international conflict between millitary powers. NOW is the time to act! Peace now, or war tomorrow. There is no other way. Mark my words, if YOU dont stop it now, then MY generation will be left to finish it. And rest assured, with all the rage in american teens over Sept 11th, we won't leave any loose ends.

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