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Welcome to a silly page full of Sheffield United chants and songs. Especially prepared for you (and for his own amusement) by GreyDesk, just so that you know what we are singing about when your team is getting stuffed at Bramall Lane smiley - biggrin

<SMILEY TYPE="football"/>

Our Tunes smiley - whistle

Sung to the tune of John Denver's "Annies Song". And probably our favourite song smiley - smiley

You fill up my senses

Like a gallon of Magnet

Like a packet of Woodbines

Like a good bit of stuff

Like a night out in Sheffield

Like a greasy chip butty

Like Sheffield United

Come thrill me again

Lala La La Uuurgh

Sung in celebration of our great victory over The Piggies in the 100th league match between our two clubs, to the tune of "Mary's Boy Child"

Hark, now hear United sing

The Wednesday ran away - again

And we will fight forever more

Because of Boxing Day

It sounds a bit like 'For He's a Jolly Good Fellow' and is our 2002/03 campaign song as it were.

The Blades are going up

The Blades are going up

And now you'd better believe it

And now you'd better believe it

And now you'd better - believe - it


And another addition for the 2002/03 season, celebrating the glories of past players.

We ain't got a barrel of money

We ain't got Woodward or Currie

We're walking along

Singing our song


These are usually our opening gambits at away matches to wake up the natives and tell them that the lads from the Shoreham Street Kop are in town!

Hello Hello we are the Shoreham boys

Hello Hello we are the Shoreham boys

And if you are Wednesday-ite

surrender or you will die

We all follow United!

We are Blades, We are Blades

We are we are we are Blades

We are Blades, We are Blades

We are we are we are Blades

We love our players and we want them to know it.

'ees a Blade 'n 'ees a Blade

Nah Nah Nah Nah

'ees a Blade 'n 'ees a Blade

Nah Nah Nah Nah

Rob Page, Rob Page

Robert, Robert Page

He's got no hair, but we don't care

Robert, Robert Page

An oldie, but still a goodie. Done to the tune of 'My Old Man'.

My old man said be a Wednesday fan

I said f*ck off, b*llocks, you're a c*nt

He said, come on, we're going to the game

I said, f*ck off, I'm going down't Lane

And so I went down to John Street

Found myself, a good seat

Saw the lads go two up at the break

Then went to the bar, for a pint of Magnet,

and a meat pie filled with steak.

And for whenever Neil is looking a bit bored.

Warnock give us a wave

Warnock, Warnock give us a wave

Guantanamera. Probably the most useful and widely used tune for footie song in history smiley - smiley

Down with the Wednesday

You're going down with the Wednesday

Down with the Wed--nes--day

You're going down with the Wednesday

Small town near Walsall

You're just a small town near Walsall

Small town near Wal--sa--ll

You're just a small town near Walsall


We've adopted the Piranha's song 'Tom Hark' as our goal celebration. Ok so the words aren't much, just a repetition of

Nah-na-na, nah-na-na, na-na-na-nah, nana-na-nah

However we accompany it by jumping up and down and rythmically pumping the air with our fists. I tell you, it looks and sounds pretty impressive when you've got 25,000 Blades doing it all together smiley - smiley

Our new and improved version of "Singing The Blues"

Never felt more like swinging a pig

From Hyde Park Flats

To Wadsley Bridge


You've got me swinging a pig

As yer do As yer do

A bit agressive this one when done properly. But hey, who cares smiley - evilgrin

No Pig fans in town

No Hillsborough to sadden my eye

Jack Charlton is DEAD

And the Pig fans have fled

And the year is Eighteen Eighty Nine

In celebration of the Pigs diabolical season we resurrected an old number from a few years ago, sung to the tune of 'Lord of the Dance'.

Wednesday whatever will you do

You're going down to Division Two

You won't win a cup

You won't win a shield

Your next derby's against the Barnsley scum

And we can rap...smiley - winkeye

I spy with my little eye,

Something beginning with P playing catch up.

Sit back and watch the points just stack up,

And the teams we beat are starting to crack up.

We know you all wanna switch teams.

Cos' we're the best, and we're living for a Blades supreme.

To the tune of Rod Stewart's "Sailing" (well, sort of I suppose smiley - erm)

We are Bladesmen

We are Bladesmen

Super Bladesmen From The Lane

We are Bladesmen

Super Bladesmen

We are Bladesmen From The Lane

Usually sung just after we've gone 1-0 down. So you'll probably hear it quite a lot.

We'll never be mastered by no Wednesday B*stards

We'll keep the red flag flying high

Forever 'n ever, we'll follow our team

Sheff Utd we are supreme

Or alternatively if we're feeling a bit bored, to the tune of "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean"

If I had the wings of a sparrow

a the dirty black arse of a crow

I'd fly over Hillsborough tomorrow

and sh*t on the b*stards below

Sh*t on, sh*t on

Sh*t on the b*stards below, below

On the odd occasions when we are winning. These two are popular little ditties

Are you Wednesday?

Are you Wednesday?

Are you Wednesday in disguise?

Are you Wednesday - in - disguise?

ssssshhhhh sssshhhh

Can you hear the Wednesday sing?

No? No?

Can you hear the Wednesday sing


ssssshhhhh sssshhhh

The Blades always seem to come off second best when the "W*nker in the Black" makes a decision. So we've got a couple just for him

One-Nil to the referee

One-Nil to the referee

One-Nil to the referee....

The Ref's a Pig, The Ref's a Pig

The Ref's a cheating Wednesday Pig

<SMILEY TYPE="football"/>
1A new and popular variant is to substitute the original, "Down with..." and in its place sing, "Bust like..." to celebrate the Piggies 25 squillion pound debt and parlous financial fortunes.2Sung with great relish to Wolves fans at Molineux3One-Nil, Two-Nil, Three-Two... up for edit as is necessarysmiley - erm

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