On Plastic Corks

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Disadvantages of Plastic Corks

As many of you surely know, real corks have become very scarce in our place and time. Our beautiful corks have been replaced by those hideous yellow faux corks. This shortage will greatly affect wine connoisseurs the world over. Why is this cork shortage a problem? First of all, wine bottled with plastic cork will start losing quality after about two years. They make horrendous quacking noises when unscrewed. Anyway, who ever heard of a plastic cork? Or a yellow one, for that matter. If we are forced to submit to these fake corks, can't they at least SEEM the same?

Save The Corks!

We must reforest the cork supply! Do you remember when corks were strictly for military use during WWII? Well, you will never see a cork again if we do not act soon. For more information on REAL corks, check out 'Corks From Tree To Bottle' at Cork Supply USA.

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