They unHappy Fairy Part 5

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Cassy Was walking along humming her favorite tune when she heard someone behind her.
She Darted forward hoping that she could loose what was near.
BUMP! Cassy Charged straight into someone. He was mysterious yet handsum but also creapy at the same time. His eyes wer black with a silver star and his skin was green tinted. At First glance she could have sworn he was a fairy but he couldn't be. He didn't even have wings. What was he.
" Good day young Maiden"
With hestitatation. "I..I..I'm Sorry...I didn't see you there."
" Why were you running?"
" I thought I was being followed."
" Ah"
A bit scared Cassy tried to stay as calm as possible.
"what are...I mean Who are you?
"I am Cabar"
" I'm Cassy"
" You don't happen to be the fairy with out powers now are you."
" that a funny queation to ask."
" Well You smell of a Fairy yet you have no wings and I don't see your wand. Dear Cassy All this I am doing is observing."
" What Are you"
"A fairy sort of creature"
" what"
"you Really shouldn't be out here alone. Let me take you away from here."
In an Instant Cabar grabbed her and they Vanished

Jack was flying over head and heard Cassy and Saw her. He fly down as fast as he could but crashed.
Luckily he saw her but she eemed spooked and ran away before he could get to her. He tried to track he but the trail just stopped.
" I can Help you Jack But you have to trust me" Said a voice with no body
"who are you"
" I can show you great things and I can Show you what Cassy is hiding"
" CAssy What about Cassy"
" Will you trust me"
" ok"

In a flash he too was Gone

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