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I discovered that Archangel Galaxy Babe lived within travelling distance of my home so we arranged to meet up. I decided to go by train because it only involved changing once and seemed straight forward.
The journey however was the most bizarre I have had in a long time. The bit between Doncaster and AGB's was ok was the bit between home and Doncaster.
First of all the taxi driver arrived early to take me to the station...unheard of in my book them 15 minutes before you need them.So I rushed off to the's just a tiny station,two platforms and a bridge to go across.An anouncement said the train for Doncaster was now coming in on platform 1, but I was on platform 2! So myself and about 20 other people legged it across the bridge...only then to see the signalman hanging out of his box shouting"otherside,it's coming in on the otherside"Twenty people set off at at speed to the other side just in time to catch the train....There was a lot of cursing and grumbling. Struth..but it didn't end there..half way to Doncaster a man got on the train who sat next to me and insisted I read his file of complaints about the train service. I couldn't get away! Then he started telling dirty jokes and then started telling me about his sex life..At this point the flowers I'd bought for AGB gave up the will to live, and the old lady in the seat behind gave a sort of strangled cry...I hope she survived ! I staggered out at Doncaster hoping to lose him in the crowd..well actually I ran into the ladies toilet.
All the male staff at the station appeared to be dressed like military police and the female staff like air hostesses, most bizarre.The journey to AGB's station went smoothly.
I had forgotten to tel AGB I'd changed my hair colour again and was now red not blue ..but I recognised her from her photos of previous meets.She was looking for someone with blue hair. We set off to a nice place she knew for lunch.The waitress on hearing I had been on a train for 3 hours insisted on bringing us some tea straight away.
I can honestly say I have never had such nice fish and chips...the plate was enormous ...and it was cooked just right. Then we thought we might have some room for an icecream. We orderd a toffee delight. Whilst we were waiting AGB asked the waitress to take our picture..she was really nice and didn't hesitate as if it happened all the time.
The "icecream" was as big as my head! An enormous knickerbocker glory type thing covered in whipped cream. Well what could we do but dive in. It was delicious.
We got on really well, it's nice to talk to someone who is the same age ,from the same era.However too soon it was time to go. We, or at least I, had a struggle to get up after that enormous lunch.luckliy the station wasn't far. AGB is going to try to visit me next time.
I bought her flowers and she bought me some beautiful candles.
All went fine from AGB's to Doncaster..the train even had a trolley serving coffee etc. Gets back to Doncaster Station only to find there is no train home...but a bus will be provided instead.Said bus only stops at one stop so will have to get another train when I get off the bus(groan). We are directed to the bus by a strange lady in an orange jacket ...unfortunately she directed some people to the wrong bus, chaos ensues for a good half an hour. Eventually we set off only to find we can't get out of Doncaster because the road is strewn with dead chickens.(At this point my daughter texted me " makes a change from leaves on the line")
A lorry had shed it's load of ready plucked chickens...I am trapped ona bus with a man behind me who stinks of garlic and keeps shouting into his mobile phone and two lads infront fresh from army barracks who talk constantly of beating people up and driving lagre vehicles in loud voices whilst looking around to make sure everyone hears them .AAARRGGHHHHH I'm on One Foot in the Grave...It's too surreal to be true.
Gets to end of journey...walks over to platform for train anouncement..there will be a delay as they have LOST the train!! Eventually some time later they find a free train I am on my way home. It has taken me three and a half hours to travel what normally takes less than an hour, and has been one of the most weird journeys of my life.
I haven't been able to stop laughing about it .My daughter says I attract these things.....AGB be may be catching
Despite that I would advise anyone to go on a mini-meet is fun and you meet some lovely people.

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