The Young, the Dead and the Shapeless: Part 3

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I continued to follow the police officer and the young woman, despite the difficulties I would have thought, before I died, that the dead would have in doing this. I listened intently in the hope that I would be able to find out something useful, and whether there was anything I could do.

"Let me introduce myself miss," said the policeman "I am Detective Patrick Reece. I have been charged with setting up a new department to investigate a series of unexplained deaths. Unexplained deaths with a common theme. I believe what you saw, is part of this."

The woman was clearly still in shock. "I... I don't know what I saw. I just... I don't want to see it again... my life... this is just too much right now."

The detective nodded sympathetically, "I appreciate that, I really do. But you see I have reason to believe you're the first survivor of these attacks. And I think anything you can tell us would be invaluable."

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