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William Shakespeare was a 17th century earth playwrite and poet in England.
His works are considered some of the finest literature known to earth, although also deemed excessively snobby by some. Almost every English speaking person can quote some snipet of text from a Shakespeare play.
A play is a story told by people pretending to do what the playwrite has written with words he wrote. This activity is singular in that for "Shakespearean ACtors" this demands a fourceful voice, sweeping gestures, and pretentious language usage and pronunciation.
Earth people either love or hate Shakespeare...rarely are opinions dilute.
He is frequently refered to as "The Bard", which comes from the middle English for "The Lyracist", a person who writes songs or rythmic poetry.
During the time the Bard was writing, females were not allowed to portray female characters on stage...something to do with society and propriety...or else a lot of fellows really liked to put on dresses (and they made the rules).
Currently a new form of the plays has been introduced where the people pretending to do what the playwrite wrote, do so without an audience and are captured in a technology known as "tape".
In this case "tape" refers to a visual medium whereby the reflected images and sounds of earth persons and objects can be replayed numerous times. This leads to an artform known as "editing".
This has mysteriously led to people who are famous for appearing on tape in other forms, performing Shakespearean plays while not capable of producing either the accent or range usualy found in the live performance.
Thus, we have a person of American or Australian lineage either faking a British English accent or not trying at all.
This enfuriates purists, where others simply admire the buttocks of actors, or breasts of actresses in period costume (i.e., tight leggings or low cut gowns).
Shakepeare is also a subject most youth is subjected too during school which appears to deaden certain pain receptors or possibly entire sections of brain function.
From a personal standpoint, I happen to enjoy Shakespere in almost any form. In the United States currently there is a television show staring a dog who frequently portrays Shakesperian characters (as well as other literary greats) to bring them to a childrens audience. This is live action by the way, a REAL dog. Try it sometime...its called "Wishbone", after the dog.

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