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Pre 2006
Beore AMD bough ATI in 2006 these companies were indpendent of each other. ATI made and designed gpu's and competed with NVIDIA, anothe gpu maker. AMD made CPU's and competed with Intel.

ATI - ATI is a Canadian company and it was started in 1985 by 3 pepole: Lee Ka Lau,[1] Benny Lau and Kwok Yuen Ho. Originally ATI was called Array Technologies and it catered to the OEM field. That is ATI sold integrated graphics cards to companies only. Then in 1987 ATI had transformed into a independent graphics card reatiler and intorduced its EGA Wonder and VGA wonder graphcs carxs.

in 1993 ATI wet public and it's stock was registered with NADAQ and Toronts stock exhange.

1996 The mobile computing market received ATi's porducts when they

ATI made an entrance into the mobile computing sector by introducing 3D-graphics acceleration to laptops in 1996. The Mobility product line had to meet requirements different from desktop PC, such as minimized power usage, reduced heat output, TMDS output capabilities for laptop screens, and maximized integration. In 1997, ATI acquired Tseng Labs's graphics assets, which included 40 engineers.

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