part 4

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Jack was tired of flying and landed on a branch. Here he laid down Cassy letting her rest. He sat down and fell right asleep. Soon after Cassy woke up and was disoriented. She fell off the branch.
Luckily she fell into a patch of straberries and went right into the bigest one there.

Cassy loved straberries and was very hungrey. She started eating like a wild animal. Not even thinking about where Jack was.

Mean while back in the Fairy village the fairies were in panic. A great creature had destoried much of the village and ate some of the most powerful fairies only leaving behind the weak. This creature also left behind bees to watch over them. (the bees veinum is highly deadly to a fairy.) The fairies didn't know what had become of Jack and Cassy.

Cassy Ate more than a half her weight off strawberry. ( remeber she is only about 3 inches tall) After her stomach started to hurt she thought about where Jack was. Covered in Strawberry goo she yelled his name trying to find him.
" Jack! Jack! Jack this is no time for games. Jack!" She begain to worry if something happened to him then had a sudden thought.
" wait a second this is what I wanted for him to leave me alone. Finally I'm alone." she yelled then she frowned and crossed her sticky arms and started walking hoping that maybe Jack was nearby and that she would find a pond that she could clean off. She was covered from head to toe and the goo started to dry. She also was getting everything around her stick to her. She was quite a sight.
Finally she saw a stream beyond some bushes. She darted straight to it and cannon pulted in. Freeing herself of the goo she began to sing.

Later that day Jack woke up and found that Cassy was missing and he began frantically calling her name and searching for his lost companion. He started to loose hope when there was no sign of her. He flew high in the sky and flew towards the Mountain where he felt she was going. He kept telling himself 'I will find you. I will find you'.

At the mountain shadows gathered. They were looking through glass watching the events taking place.
" These two are going to be trouble master." said an apprentice.
calmly the master says " they are not a problem just a thron stuck in my foot. The important thing is to not let them find their way here or back together."
" What if they do, Master"
" Then I Shall kill that girl and let you kill that stupid fairy."
" But sir the boy has powers she does not."
" Have I taught you nothing! She is a thorn in my foot and if she finds this out then she could destory my plans."
" Master she does not hol any magic."
The Masters eyes craze and the apprentice cowersdown to his knees.
" She holds great Majik and is very powerful but needs to find the key which is here and she mustn't. I want you to make sure she doesn't make it here and I she does I will have a new apprentice"
" Master please..."
" Silence! You will die with them if you don't want to become powerful like I shall be. If I am to fail I need someoe to take over. That doesn't have to be you. It could be the boy."
"Master I am.."
" Wait the boy....That gives me an Idea."

Cassy was fresh and clean. She went on with her journey to the great mountain. She hoped that she would find Jack on the way.

The sunseted as the to pressed on to find one another

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