part 3

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Sorry this is in so many parts but I am only on a short while so please excuse me. <smiley>

" Cassy stop!" Jack yelled with furry.
" why?"
" It's geting dark and I'm tired."
" dark is the best time to travel."
"How do you figure?"
" well the Stars can protect us. Also I am folling the sacred star. I belive that is where my questions will be answered."
" Look there are so many animals...."
Interuping " I'm still going so if you want to stop that is just fine. I didn't want you here anyway."
Cassy pushes on and Jack drags behind hoping that she would just fall asleep and they could just stop. There was one problem Cassy wasn't tired and when she put her mind to something she kept at it.( she also hoped that jack would fall behind and she would be left alone.)

The great light was making the sky bleed with color.
" oh it's so beautiful" Cassy whispered under her breathe.
" What was that?"
" I thought I lost you already!"
"No I'm still here and my legs are so tired."
" Well you are use to your wings. I don't have any wings and have grown accustom to walking. Just Fly!"
Jack was surprised by this answer because he always thought she was sensitive about not having wings.
Cassy saw Jack's eyes widen and quickly changed the subject. " Well I think it's time to get some sleep."
Jack grabbed her hand and kissed it. ( In the fairy realm this is a very high form of flattery.) Cassy blushed.

They gathered some leaves and curled up into two little balls in the shade of a great oak tree, the protector.

They slept for hours upon hours finally they woke up from a frog's croak.

" excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me little people." Croaked a large tree frog.
Blinking her eyes " hello... hi...good evening...what can I do for you?"
" Please could you tell me if you have seen a lizard."
Jack says curiosly " Lizard? There aren't many lizards around these parts they are more towards the west they don't contain majik and don't come east."
" I know that fairy but this one is different it had majik."
Cassy asks " Wait Magic or Majik"
Both the frog and Jack yell " Majik!"
" Majik is powerful and is only in the special creatures. It is a gift given to the frogs, one's born at the sacred place and those who posses the craft."
" what is 'the craft" cassy asked
" you will soon find out. Be careful fairies. Be very careful. It be best if you fly."
The Frog soon Disappeared before their very eyes.
" Cassy come here." He said pointing to where he was standing.
" why?"
He walked over to her and picked her up cradleing her.
" Now hold on." Jack started floating.
Cassy grabbed his neck very tight and when he started choking she loosed her deathening grip. He Blazed through the branches and was much higher then the canopy.
" Jack Don't you Dare Drop Me!"
Right after the young fairy said that she slipped out of Jack's grip and started dropping down to the canopy. After a long 20 seconds Jack caught her.

" Just joking with you"
" I would slap you but we are still very high."
" I never met a fairy that was afraid of heights."
" Never Had a chance to fly and so forth I am afraid of being so high because I don't want to fall."
" I shall protect you fair maiden."
They flew all day toward the moutains and after a while Cassy laid her head upon Jack's shoulder end fell asleep.

These two didn't know that there would be much more difficulties that would bring them closer and in some ways apart. The Moutain was the center of all magic. They also didn't realize that they were being watched...

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