The Art of Ninja Swinging

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During long periods of boredom, it is human nature to make up new ways of entertaining yourself. Some might say that boredom is the mother of invention, if not at least its godfather. Ninja Swinging was born when a h2g2 Researcher was bored out of his skull and happened to be sitting on a swing reading a book. Since he was holding the book, he had no way to hold on to the swing, and found that he could gain speed by using only his legs. This technique was later honed and developed into the Art of Ninja Swinging.

The Principle

There are several different stages in a person's journey towards ultimate Ninja Swinging.

  1. Using only the legs to gain speed.
  2. Using only the small of the back to gain speed.
  3. Braking using the small of the back.
  4. Using no apparent muscle group.
  5. Achieving high speeds in minimal time.
  6. Using only pure will.

So far, there is no known Swing Ninja above level 3.

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