The unhappy fairy part 2

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We just left off when jack pushed Cassy into a prickly weed trying to save her from a weed.

Jack walks over to Cassy to try to help her get all the pricks off her, but she quickly pushes him away and falls on her butt.

" ouch!"
" PLease let me help you"
Picking off different tiny thorns, " I think you helped enough"
" For Stars sake that be would have killed you!" Waging his finger at her.
" Don't swear! you don't have to blame the Stars"

~These Fairies belived that all their magic came from the stars also all the great fairies went to live on the stars exspecially the North star( the most sacred)~

"I'm sorry you happy"
" No!" Still trying to get the pricklies to go away.
"here" he takes his wand and goes gently around her there is a light golden glow coming from the wand and a sparkle in Cassy's eye.
Smiling "thanks... Wait Wait wait. Why are you following me? wait I don't want to know I just want you to leave me alone. This is my journy not yours now go!"
"I'm not just going to leave you alone you will die."
" leave me be!"

They walk down the path arguing.

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