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A spaceship passing in front of a red planet

RL is too demanding, and I need more than 24 hours in a day to get everything done at the moment. Anybody got a time machine handy? Preferably one that works smiley - smiley

Some stuff about me...

Want to know how I chose my name?
Ok, follow this link:
What's In A Name?

Generally, I work. In IT. On Shifts. Don't ask!

I spend far too much time on the PC
(especially at work smiley - winkeye),

but never seem to get anything
productive done. Oh well.

One of these days, you might get a link
to my website if I ever get it finished!

...and on h2g2

Who else is online?
The Light's are on, but is anyone Home?

As you can see from the lovely orange
badge to the right there, I am an ACE.
For more info on what we do, why not drop in to our homepage, or use this handy drop-down menu to visit an ACE at their personal space.

People I've met while here
(in no particular order):

Drop by and say........Afgncaap5Amy the AntAndromedaArdzilAsteroid LilBluebottleBruceCoelacanthCourtesy 38Demon DrawerDr E VibensteinEatsmiceFashion CatGarius LupusGreebo T. CatGw7enIrving WashingtonJoannaLost in ScotlandLynsLoonytunesMenzaMunchkinOdradekoxPandoraPeet the PPPPegasusPetaPhilQuorthonRedbeardseaSPINYSporkulious EglonUnchUnderground CarolineWumbeevil
If you have linked to me and would like
a link in return, drop me a linesmiley - tongueout

Places you might find me:
Where am I today?Lil's AtelierThe F&F

This drop-down includes links to some
cool and informative stuff on H2G2.

Interesting stuff....About GuideMLH2G2 Picture LibraryH2G2's SmileysThe POSTPeer ReviewResearchers Birthdays

Stuff that doesn't fit into any of the other categories:

See this page in Alabaster

But it is best viewed in Classic Goo

The PTWVH have intimated that eventually there will be other 'skins' too, but , we'll have to wait awhile, cos they're very busy just now.

Despite all the Smileys, we don't appear to have one for a cup of tea yet, so I can't offer you one, sorry. Hold on. What on earth was that?

If anyone has any complaints or criticism about this page,
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