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Artemis II is a young boy, about 12, and a member of the H2G2 League of Superpowers. He is inspied by, amongst others, Artemis Fowl the second, star of the Artemis Fowl books by Eion Colfer. He considers himself superior to all those around him, and is dissapointed that the only role he has found in the group is perveyor of poor jokes and discworld references. His superior1 interlect is overshadowed by Spectre's, and he is not used to this.

Artemis is intelligent, but not as much as he thinks. He likes to blind both his friends and enemies with jargon, but whether this actually works is unknown.

Artemis has always been looking out for a role model, generally in fiction. He started off with Matilda of the Roald Dahl book, continually attempting to "Matildaise" [telekinesis] various items, but to no avail. He then moved onto the television series Dexter's Lab, believing that he too could be Dexter, if he only had the resources. He shunned the similar Jimmy Neutron, considering it to be a pale imitation. He enjoyed the Harry Potter books - Hermione being his favourite charecter - but moved onto the Artemis Fowl books. He realised that he had come home. This was who he wanted to be.

Artemis II wears a black and gold suit. He has a small2 gold obsession.
1in his view2actually, quite large

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