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This article was supposed to be one paragraph in the "Editorial" section of my user page but it got a bit... big.

Big Mad Mr Media Guru?

If you know Mr T in real life, you might catch him unawares and spot him wearing an ungainly grin upon his face. This is because he did "pretty good" in his A-levels, enabling him to do Interactive Media Production1 at Bournemouth University. Now he's not 100% sure, but this is probably the second bestest thing to ever happen to him, in terms of Mr T-to-course-content compatibility.

So what exactly will this course entail? Well, it supposedly lets Mr T do just about all the things he wants to and enjoys doing "extra-curricular, like". No! Not selling his body for crack - that's never been proven. According to the gubbins used to entice Mr T into applying in the first place,

"Graduates from the degree usually have little difficulty in finding employment. Approximately 90% find a job within six months of graduation. Most will work in multimedia production. Others make their careers in television, video, audio, web design or production management."

Facilites include:

  • a multi-media studio
  • digital video recording and editing equipment
  • digital audio recording and editing equipment
  • post-production facilities
  • graphics
  • text design

Using all these funky things to his advantage, Mr T hopes to learn skills in web design, video and sound editing and production, managing production budgets, and arty design-style things, as well as "other stuff" too. The only thing that the course doesn't seem to cover is print journalism - which is a shame, as it's something Mr T quite fancies doing. It's probably not "audio-visual" enough, even if words do go in via your eyeholes.

smiley - ok

You can find out more about the course here - but not all that much more.

So what now, Mr T?

Yes, what indeed. As you can tell from my third-person-o-waffle above, the course sounds really good. The only thing that concerns me, apart from the fact that I'm going to have try and live on tax-free air and not much else for the next three years, is where the hell I'm going to live. I doubt I'll have got into the Univerity Accomodation, although I've applied for the Student Village which is marginally less popular than the free-internet-access-in-each-room 'posho' Halls of Residence, I didn't send the form off straight away and there's only 900 places for around 2000 students! This means I could be living, Alan Partridge style, in a Hotel2, or above a nightclub in a multi-story car park (no joke!) which sounds like the worst place they could possibly find to put student accomodation, except perhaps in a giant net kept in raw sewage. Oh, or I could be shoved in the atic/basement/cupboard of some family so desperate for money and/or the taste of human flesh that they resort to letting ugly students fester in their property. Mmm!

Right now I'm in a state of nervous excitement. So much to sort out, so much to look forward to... so much to leave behind. There's so much I want to be involved with at University, from student magazines and drama groups, to being in bands, to continuing (or at this rate, launching) Consumed, to at least attending a CU and or Church, to having a go at working in a radio station or making films (since Bournemouth has such fantastic facilities)... and so on!

I do feel rather sad at having to leave all my friends behind. Well, not all, as by happy chance (though not for him when he got his results, I suspect) my good mate Smiffy has managed to bluff his way onto a Computing course at Bournemouth, and another friend Caz has got onto the same course as me! So I won't be All Alone (unless they both decide to deny they know me at all...). I hope I can find people with similar musical tastes who want to be in bands, and that I will have drums to play (if not my own), and that there will be some other non-drinkers there to hang out with when the others are off on brainwrong nightbends (drinking and clubbing. *sigh*).

For the time being I'm trying to get prepared... open a Student Bank Account, finding out about some groovy-sounding Guardian Student Vouchers and looking into buying a laptop with some of the money I'm supposedly earning with this "job" of mine. The question is: can I buy a laptop AND eat for the rest of the year?

The future's looking... very interesting.

1For some reason the name has been changed since he applied, from "New" to "Interactive" Media Production. Same thing though. Hopefully...2Hopefully I'd be allowed to take my own giant plate to meals then

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